November 25, 2013

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  • The first words we heard this morning were "Daddy, Graham is trying to get Keaton out of bed."  As soon as the clock strikes seven, Graham is under the impression that it is time for every single one of us in the house to wake up.  My Keaton could sleep until eight at least but sleeping is hard when someone stands by your bed and whispers "It's seven. Do you want for me to get you out?" 
  • We were really hoping that the weather would be a bit more exciting than it actually was this morning.  The kids were expecting the ground to be white and the power to go off-neither happened (which was fine with Robby and fine with me today only because I had a hair cut scheduled.)
  • It was 9 when we started school this morning.  But that was fine because we had already had breakfast, picked up the kitchen and even read a few books.  Right now, we have been reading quite a bit and this book lately has been about Squanto.  Sometimes books can be so exciting (our Squanto book)-and sometimes not (our Brighty book from the Grand Canyon)
  • School went great and we were finished in time to do some of our memory work before lunch.  Then it was time to wake Whitman up and Reagan was thrilled to be able to run up there to pack her bag for tonight.
  • After lunch, we read another few books and then I scurried around for a few minutes getting things ready for the afternoon.  Reagan, Keaton and I finally had our hair appointment-this was our 2nd time to reschedule it so I was bound and determine that we were going to get there today....even if we had to walk in the ice!  
  • First we dropped the boys off at Noah's house to play.  They were so excited to get to play with him.  I hope that they behaved themselves.  When Robby picked the boys up, they left with the boys and a fish.  We are fish sitting for the Kamps this week-keep the fish in your prayers!
  • I had my hair cut and then the big girls had their hair trimmed.  Reagan was a bit anxious that Tammy was going to cut off more than just a bit that we had talked about.  Campbell was fine-just a tad on the silly side.  Tammy asked where my grey hairs were coming from.  I told her it was from the blonde child and she nodded and said that she could see why!
  • After our appointment, we left and headed across the city, no across the state, to drop Reagan off for her sleepover at Kaleigh's house.  Reagan was so excited about the sleep over-she is such a party animal! 
  • We drove in the driveway as Robby was pulling in to.  We all unloaded our cars and ate the pizza that he brought home.  So glad he had supper otherwise it was going to be more fish sticks (I am trying to save that as our Saturday meal!)  Then an episode of Price is Right before bed for the little Dennies.

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