November 21, 2013

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Just a little crazy today around Dennieland!

  • Everyone slept well past 7:00 this morning but soon after Robby jumped in the shower, the kids made their way down. Campbell knew it was school day and she was ready to go. Before Robby could get out of the shower, Campbell was making sure Keaton could ride along to school.
  • Keaton & Campbell grabbed their pop tarts and headed to the car while the others started to get their breakfast.
  • Robby had to take my car to the dealership for a quick repair so Keaton hang out with him while he worked via their wifi.
  • Meanwhile, my crew was busy getting ready for our morning guests.  It was our monthly home school get together for oral reports, crafts, lunch and playtime.  I had made out to-do lists for each of the kids. So they knocked out their lists and squeezed in some school boxes too.
  • Everyone started arriving around 10:00 and first up was oral reports.  The Dennie report topics included brown bears, Mt. Everest and Ronald Reagan.  Everyone did very good and we even had a pop quiz with everyone to see how much they remembered.  We played a few rounds of Thanksgiving bunko, made a turkey craft, had lunch and a giant cookie plus the kids played for the longest time while the moms all visited a bit.
  • After everyone left, we scurried around to pick up before nap/movie time.  The kids grabbed their afternoon snacks, watched a few movies, colored some pictures and then started asking when supper was.  They all had to wait to cook their supper because I was using the oven to cook my sausage cornbread for Bunko potluck tonight at Alissa's.
  • I left, they cooked their supper, ate and then watched an episode of Let's Make a Deal, Price is Right and watched a video of their oral reports. Teeth were brushed and then it was bedtime. Everyone was sound asleep by 8:50!

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