November 5, 2013

Looks like trouble...
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(click here for a video of the kids presenting their October oral reports)

  • Whitman was again the first one up this morning but it was nearly seven and only minutes later the others were coming downstairs as well.  Graham came down with his shirt off-seriously, I don't know what is wrong with that boy because I thought it was freezing.  But he said that he was hot.  
  • Campbell quickly put on her clothes and headed out with Robby while Keaton was not too pleased that she couldn't go today.  We did all wave at Robby and Campbell as they drove away and then we headed to the kitchen to start our breakfast.  
  • After breakfast it was school as usual.  I knew that Robby was going to pick Campbell up from school but I was still surprised when she waltzed into the house.  I am afraid that if I ever have to pick Campbell up from school, I will completely forget her.  
  • We were still sitting in my bedroom reading science and coloring when they came home.  The kids finished coloring and soon it was lunch time for all of us.  After lunch, I had the kids do a million chores-feeding Whitman (today that only lasted for 3 bites), putting laundry up, organizing pencils in the school room, sweeping, wiping down the table, dusting-this chore business is starting to be really helpful to me.  Those days of eating bon bons and laying on the couch all day are coming soon, I just know it!  (A girl can dream, can't she?)
  • The kids had a few minutes of down time while I worked a bit around here.  Soon it was time to load up to go and see Beebee.  We usually go on Wednesdays but we thought today might be an easier day to go.  It was-Keaton was able to nap, we had a pretty normal afternoon and then we left making it home a bit before Robby did.
  • It was a full moon at Beebee's place.  Seriously, the crazies were out.  Multiple people were heard saying "help me." (No one in real distress-only mental distress!)  One lady came up to Keaton and talked to her about seeing Santa.  Keaton just nodded along.  A minute later the same lady was talking to me about how tall the trees were.  I played along too and commented on their beautiful fall colors.  Later as Graham and Reagan were taking Beebee back to her room, some lady started talking to Keaton "come here little girl."-yep, Reagan had to run poor Keaton back to me.  I had plenty to giggle about on our way home.
  • Back at home, I started calling out my chores and soon Robby was home and helped cook supper.  We had breakfast for supper and the kids ate it up-two kid approved suppers in a row, we are doing good.  
  • Now we have let the kids stay up a bit.  The big 3 are watching a movie while the little 3 are in the room with Robby and me.  Campbell has talked continuously for the past 45 minutes.  She keeps telling Whitman to "jump to Mommy" or "come here to Mommy."  Poor Whitman will not know that I am really his Mommy.  She just told him "we need to talk about your behavior."  The poor thing-I guess that she forgot earlier in the day when he spit up all over her and she said "I never want to hold you again."
  • Keaton has busied herself directing Campbell to lay Whitman on her tummy or on her back.  And when the baby is not on top of her, she is using wipes to clean the furniture and to clean Whitman's head.  Poor Whitman doesn't have a chance at all!

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