November 15. 2013

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A fun project!

  • My kiddos must be tired lately because they are moving around slowly in the mornings.  We even had to wake Whitman and Keaton up again.  Most everyone was awake to wave at Robby as he left for work.  Waving to him as he drives off has become quite the ordeal lately-first everyone waves through the big windows and then they run to the front door and stand on the porch as they wave and yell their good byes again.  
  • After this we started on breakfast.  My hope was to have the kids start school while eating breakfast but too many folks wanted cereal this morning so I made them eat in the kitchen.  Earlier this week they had cereal and more ended up on the school room floor, the hallway floor, my bedroom floor and even on the kitchen floor than ended up in all of their little tummys combined.  So new rule-cereal only in the kitchen.  That doesn't really help the mess much but just contains it.  When the weather is a bit nicer, I should make them eat cereal on the patio only.
  • We started school and even though we started late, I had high hopes that we would finish smoothly.  Ha, ha!  Of course that didn't happen.  Things were fine but the kids (mostly the boys...well, and the girls) were so loud.  Seriously, I think that at one point my ears were bleeding they were so loud.  I tried to suggest whispering but no one knows what that means so I finally said no tv this afternoon.  That did get their attention and this caused them to start picking up the school room in hopes of earning back their tv time.  (They did eventually earn their time back but then lost it again-turned out to be fine but I was certainly questioning what in the world I was doing taking away their tv time and my fee time.)
  • Of course during school, we did have some distractions.  The tree folks were back-this time six of them were pushing the limbs in the grinder.  The kids all watched through the kitchen window.  After a while, the kids gave up watching and I later walked back by the window.  This time I saw the truck and no workers.  A few more steps and then I saw 3 big workers having a picnic lunch on our picnic table.  He, he, so funny to see.
  • It was 12:30 by the time that we had lunch.  The kids didn't seem to mind and gobbled up their lunch.  During lunch, I usually read to the kids and they can not ask for more food while I am reading-they have to wait until I am finished with the book/chapter that I am reading.  So I read a chapter of one book, make seconds sandwiches, read a short book, pour more drinks, read something else and then get more food.  As long as I feed them, they will listen to books for quite a while (well, everyone but Keaton and Campbell-there is no hope for them!)
  • After lunch the kids played some and then it was nap time for Keaton, Whitman and I even sent Campbell to my bed to rest (my ears were still bleeding from all of her fussing!) Reagan found her dolls to color and then worked on a project from her birthday.  Graham worked on his sticker book and then played with Anderson with their lego zipline.  Meanwhile, I did a few chores and started working on my new Christmas ornaments.
  • Before too long, Robby was home and we were working on supper-more spicy chili.  Then the kids watched The Price is Right with us and then it was bedtime for all.  I think all of the kids were pretty worn out tonight and I hope everyone rests well because tomorrow will be another fun filled day!

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