November 26, 2013

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  • This morning the children were building a fort in their beds before the magic awakening hour.  Maybe I need some vitamins or maybe I need to stop staying up late reading.  When you have a good book, you just have to finish it quickly.  I have been reading over 100 pages a night on my book and feeling pretty proud of myself-even though it is a larger print book.  (No, I don't need a large print book yet but who knows.  I am already thinking about needing a super large print Bible if God-willing I live long enough to end up in a nursing home-a large print Bible and maybe a knitting hobby.)
  • Robby took Campbell to school this morning.  She had to remind me that it was school morning because I had no intention of going up the stairs to pick out her clothes.  For non school days she picks out her own clothes but not for school days-especially since she has been wearing a skirt and short sleeved shirts lately.  
  • After we waved bye to them, I had the boys start on school and we had breakfast in the school room.  Surprisingly, we were able to finish their work before it was time to go and pick up Campbell.  I even had time to slap some peanut butter on some tortillas, grab some chips and juice boxes so the kids could eat lunch in the car.  
  • Campbell was happy to see us though she did say she really wanted Grannymom to pick her up (she will see her tomorrow though).  Campbell also said that her teacher wasn't there.  Then she added "She wasn't sick today.  She just didn't want to be a teacher today."  Well, I completely understand that but I hope that really isn't what the kids were told!
  • We then went to pick up Reagan and I still left my GPS in Robby's car.  I did print out directions and only had to turn around one time still!  Campbell even commented that I knew how to get there this time.  After knocking on the door, I saw a bunch of girls heads and then I heard my child say "awww."  I don't think she was pleased to be leaving.  She had a blast-they made pizza, had doughnuts, watched Wizard of Oz and decorated socks.  
  • Then we went to see Beebee.  She was still eating when we got there but she quickly came to the lobby.  The kids did their oral reports for her-she was very pleased and even wanted for them to do them for someone else.  I said that was fine since I didn't really want to bore anyone else!  
  • I went to get their candy from her room and later, Beebee had the kids push her back to her room to get them their dollar bills.  Beebee said that Anderson was doing a good job pushing her until "help me, help me" lady rolled out into the hallway.  Beebee said that the next thing she knew Anderson was walking beside her away from "help me" lady.  She also said that he was pretty pale-I believe it.  Later, Reagan told me that Beebee's place used to be a scary place but that it isn't any more.  Which that is true, my kids now run all over that place.
  • After getting Beebee to her room, they brought her back down the hall.  It was Campbell's turn to push her even though the thought of this made me and the other kids a bit nervous.  So when they came back around the corner, Cambpell was indeed pushing Beebee.  Reagan was walking close by on one side, Graham on the other side and Anderson was right beside Cambpell.  My 3 biggest kids had their hands on that wheelchar just to make sure Campbell did a good job.  They thought they had made it since they were in the lobby and my big kids let their guard down just as Campbell gave that wheelchair a big ole shove.  I look up to see Beebee in her chair flying across the room towards my stroller, Anderson took off chasing Beebee, Reagan let out a squeal and I had to practically knock the stroller down to keep Beebee from breaking another hip.  (Click here to see that video!)
  • After that, I thought hard about taking everyone to Sonic to reward them for not breaking any of Beebee's bones but it wasn't happy hour so we headed on home.  By the time that we unloaded and a put Keaton in bed (she lasted only about 30 minutes) Robby was home with groceries for us to unload.  Soon the kids were watching a movie and I did a few chores.  
  • I did manage to work with Reagan a bit for her to finish today's school-well, the important parts of it.  But I could tell that she was so tired that I didn't press the non important parts.  I just stuck them back in her box for tomorrow.  So sneaky!
  • We had supper and then Whitman, Campbell and Keaton had a shower.  While they were in the shower, we heard Campbell calmly say "somebody help me."  Apparently, Whitman managed to get out of his bumbo seat (that is probably really to big for but still is a good place for him in the shower since it is slippery and dangerous with those 2 little girls in there with him.  I put him back in his seat and two more times he came out before Robby got them out of the shower.
  • I was waiting for pajama putting on duty and saw my dress that I wore to Bush' inauguration in 2005.  I put it on and though I have 6 kids since then, I was able to zip it (though I definitely need some Spanx under it)  I was feeling pretty good until Robby saw it and said in a shocked voice "oh, you zipped it?"  
  • After their showers, we all watched our Let's Make a Deal show before bed.  After it was over, I left Whitman on the floor in the den (man, during school today I would put him down and the next thing I knew he would be grabbing pencils from under someone's desk or trying to pull stuff out of desks.  I thought he would be crawling by Thanksgiving and he sure it-it isn't a pretty crawl but he can get (slowly) where he wants to.  When we came back down from tucking the others in bed, Whitman was sound asleep in the floor.  We let him sleep while we had our supper and then my cackling woke him up (see below!)
  • Did you try to click on the video of Campbell shoving my grandma's wheelchair?  Shame on you!  I wish I had video of that memory but unfortunately I don't!  But I have giggled all night about it and laughed out loud imagining folks trying to click on the video link.  

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