November 12, 2013

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Llama Llama Red Pajama

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  • Around midnight when we were going to bed, Whitman started coughing so we woke him up and put him in bed with us for a few minutes.  Well, after a bit of laying there squinting at the lights, he really woke up and started crawling all over us.  He was as happy as he could be-that is until we worked on his nose.  But soon he was back sleeping peacefully.
  • Until 6:30 when I heard him screaming.  He must have been fussing for a few minutes because he was uncharacteristically mad.  A bottle and snuggling with me in my bed quickly solved his problem but it didn't solve my problem of my alarm ringing.
  • Today was book character day at school so me and the kids were taking Campbell-because every parade needs a large audience.  Campbell was dressed as Llama Llama Red Pajama in her red pjs.  She also wore a sleep mask and house shoes and carried a blanket.  I think my Campbell was pretty pleased with her outfit (and I was too since it was easy, easy!)
  • We scurried around and were ready on time and even arrived at school 10 minutes early.  By the time we unloaded, grabbed our spot on the floor and I pulled out the kids school work, it was time to take Campbell into her class.  We saw Arthur, Curious George, Princesses, Spiderman, Bob the Builder and many other characters.  
  • After the opening songs, the classes march around the loop 3 times.  So each time we all wave and oooh and aaah at all of the kids passing.  Of course, Campbell had the largest cheering section and she knew it!  After the parade, the kids went to their classes while we sat out in the hall and finished the school work that the kids had started on.  
  • Once at home, everyone went right to the school room and started on school.  It was strange because even with being gone for some of the morning, we still finished in decent time and then started on lunch.  It was ravioli for lunch today and the kids thought that it was the best meal ever-I'm an awesome chef.  Truly, I am so handy with that can opener.
  • After lunch, Keaton and I did some laundry-well, we mostly played around with the laundry.  We put Whitman in the laundry basket, took some pictures, called the other kids in to come and fold the laundry so we could see their reaction to seeing Whitman in the basket-yep, there wasn't really a lot else going on.  
  • Soon Keaton had her nap and Whitman also went to sleep.  The last few days that he has been fighting his cold, he has slept and slept and slept (well, at least during the days!)  I did a few things while those 2 were sleeping.  My other shadow, Campbell, was at Grannymom's house for the afternoon.  
  • After the kids watched their afternoon movie, I asked them to help me reorganize the books upstairs.  By the time we all made it to the toy room, I wasn't too sure if I wanted help or not.  Graham did help me pull the books off of the shelves and then I let everyone play.  Keaton sat beside me and rearranged my piles of books and Whitman would inch his way to my books no matter how far I scooted him back.  
  • Soon our Campbell was home and she joined the other kids in playing a game while we finished supper.  After we had supper, we watched The Price is Right, I read a book and then we watched a Duggar tv show.  
  • We put Keaton to bed right before the book hoping that she would fall asleep in her bed upstairs before the other kids joined her.  It didn't work and eventually, she was moved to the bonus room.  And currently that isn't working either!

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