November 14, 2013

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The Dennies Invade Bass Pro Shop!

  • Fairly calm night last night-thank God.  Everyone stayed where they started out so that was nice.  But all too soon it was time to wake up.  Campbell knew it was school day so she came down with pants and a short sleeve shirt on.  Robby told her to change and she came back downstairs wearing a long sleeve shirt.  Then Robby asked me if her pick matched and I sleepily said that it did.  Though tonight, Reagan asked "Mom, how do Campbell's clothes match?"  Um, I guess they didn't-hopefully, she kept her coat on most of the day while she was out.
  • Robby took Campbell and I started school with everyone else.  Keaton gladly took over Campbell's desk eating her pop tart as she opened up all of the markers.  She had paper but never really colored-just opened up all of the markers.  
  • School went well and I even snuck off to have a shower since I wasn't moving too quickly bright and early when I should have been.  Before I could leave the school room, I had to make sure that "distracta-boy" (Anderson) finished his math.  
  • We were able to finish everything but science and our memory work before Pops arrived.  Pops picked up Campbell from school.  He said that he was a bit late picking her up but she didn't really seem to mind.  At one point during the day, I saw Keaton looking out of the window.  She said "Pops come?  Wait."  So she was perched at the window waiting on Pops.  She finally gave up on him since it was probably only 10 but she was thrilled when he finally arrived.
  • Nonna had packed him lunches for everyone (well, except for me and him) to bring to the kids.  They tore into their bags like they had never had a sack lunch before-pitiful homeschooled kids.  Nonna had packed enough for the kids for lunch and supper and they practically finished it off.  
  • After they finished lunch and Pops left, the kids played for a bit and then Keaton had her nap.  We read our science, some books, did our memory work and then picked up.  I let the kids watch a movie and soon it was almost time to leave.
  • Since they started building the Bass Pro Shops, the kids have been asking when we were going to go.  It has been a continuous question at our house and tonight was finally the night.  We thought the crowd would be pretty terrific but it was manageable.  The place is really pretty cool.
  • The kids had fun trying out all of the toys-Robby even got in on the act.  We saw Santa and had a picture made with him and everyone even got to color an ornament.  My kids could have stayed there all evening long.  We walked through the camping section, through the guns, through the trailers out front-fun was had by all!
  • Back at home, we had supper and then all sat around to watch the Price is Right.  After the movie, Whitman went to bed (he is sooo close to crawling.  I know that I will regret saying this but I can't wait until he can crawl-though it was definitely change the kids lives.  No more little things downstairs)  Then I read a book to everyone before tucking everyone else in bed.  Another good to do a little birthday party planning for our 2 December birthdays.

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