November 30, 2013

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The whole Dennie crew celebrates December birthdays!

  • I really wish that each and every weekend could be like this one has been-lazy days filled with family and food.  As you can guess not a whole lot happened around this house this morning.  I did fix the kids breakfast-we can go through a whole package of waffles in one morning.  That is just crazy for me to think about.  
  • After breakfast, Robby did make Reagan and Anderson do a school box-they both picked a handwriting worksheet and were done in a flash.  I hadn't yet pulled out Graham's school work so Robby had him go upstairs and build the tallest tower possible.  That bought us a few minutes of quiet this morning but soon everyone was running around looking for something to do.
  • Everyone had baths or showers.  Whitman took a shower with Keaton and Campbell and then stayed in the shower with Graham.  Graham did turn the shower into a bathtub by putting a cup over the drain and he was seconds away from the water spilling out into the floor when Robby turned off the water.  Whitman was having a blast sitting in his seat and splashing his feet.
  • Next up, we went to run a few errands-basically just me getting in and out of the car while the others circled.  First Walgreens to pick up pictures and then Bass Pro to get a gift for my dad.  He had text me and told me what he wanted but Robby and I both read it wrong.  So I went in, looked for the wrong gift, they didn't have it and we left.  I am lucky that they didn't have that wrong gift or that is what my dad would have opened for Christmas!  Once in the car, I figured out my mistake and we went back later in the day to pick up the right gift.  
  • Once at home, we had pizza from one of our stops and then the kids played for a few minutes and Lilly and Cash came over for a bit.  Lilly stayed and played for awhile keeping Reagan and Campbell occupied, Keaton and Whitman were sleeping and Anderson and Graham were watching the football game with Robby.  
  • Speaking of watching the football game with Robby-I went upstairs yesterday and Anderson was cheering loudly and taking sips of Robby's coke.  I laughed thinking that Anderson was now Robby's football watching buddy and I had been replaced.  But today, I am thinking that Robby is the one that has been replaced-today Anderson was just holding the drink like it was his own and he was sitting in Robby's spot!  
  • Soon we dropped Lilly off, went back to Bass Pro and then to Grannymom and Grandpa's house for Dana, Shelley and Les' birthdays.  We ate supper and the kids played until it was present time.  During present time, the crowd of kids huddled around Dana as she opened her presents, then they quickly moved to watch Shelley open hers and then back to the couch to see Les open up his presents.  
  • The kids all had a blast playing Headbanz and dominos.  They were all pretty good tonight-even my Whitman who feels a bit under the weather but he is happily sleeping now.  

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