November 19, 2013

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Dentist Visit for 4 of the Dennie Kids!

  • So today I was taking Campbell to school which meant lots of hustle and bustle this morning. Robby usually takes Campbell and he could have today but if she was at school then I would have to leave here 30 minutes earlier to pick her up than if she just stayed home.  But she loves school so much, we didn't really want her to miss all day just for her dentist appointment. This meant that I loaded up 30 pounds of books and we headed to church for school at church.
  • Campbell walked right in her class and the rest of us went to Keaton's Sunday school room to do our school work.  It was fairly uneventful and the kids managed to get most everything accomplished while we were there.  Keaton had a blast playing with the toys and Whitman enjoyed rolling and rolling around the room.  
  • At 10:30, we picked up Campbell and headed out the door for the appointments-4 dentist appointments.  Robby arrived to help out a bit and I am sure that he was quite surprised to walk into the waiting room and not too hear a peep.  The kids were as quiet as they have ever been-absolutely amazing.  The only noise was Keaton squealing "Daddy" when she saw Robby.
  • This time there were 2 hygienist so Reagan and Graham went back first.  When the hygienist asked which boy wanted to go first-both of their hands shot up in the air (I don't love my dentist that much, do you?)  After a while, they called me back because they wanted to talk about Reagan's pink tooth.  He asked if I wanted him to pull it today and gave me the pros and cons and then he said he could do it when they worked on her filling in just a minute.  I told him that I would do whatever he thought I should (pull it) but the entire time I was wondering why they were going to fill one of her teeth today. About 20 minutes later, I remembered that I had indeed scheduled Reagan an appointment for her filling at the same time as her cleaning.  
  • I had to head back to the front to be with the babies but Robby was heading back with Campbell and he was right near Reagan.  He checked on her a few times but she was in good hands and seemed to enjoy the laughing gas.  Though when she walked out, I think she looked like she was about to cry but perked quickly up when we pulled the gauze out of her mouth.
  • Campbell had a bit of staining, Anderson now has his 6 year molars but no loose teeth, Graham got the all clear and they all acted like it was Christmas morning showing us their new toothbrushes and toothpaste.  My Reagan looked pitiful on the way home (or at least that is what I thought.) I actually looked for her on the couch when I walked in but she was upstairs playing with the boys.  We had tomato soup for lunch and by 3 she was bouncing off of the walls like all the rest of the kiddos here.
  • After lunch, the kids played and then we worked on our oral reports a bit.  I feel like those reports are rolling around more quickly.  The kids are doing well on them (presentation day is Thursday).  Graham tries to look up as he reads but speaks like a robot when he does. Anderson tries to look up but loses his place each time and Reagan just doesn't care about looking up at her listeners.
  • We had leftover potato soup for supper and then watched a bit of Price is Right before heading to bed.  During our movie, the kids all were laying around covered in blankets with Whitman rolling around in the floor-my favorite part of the day.

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