November 22, 2013

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Pre-holiday craft time...

  • Robby was the first one stirring this morning and even though the kids were up and about, we all could have probably lounged around here all morning long. Silly school gets in the way of all of the fun!  Well, school and breakfast-you have to get out of bed to have breakfast too!
  • School went well today-no fits, no tears, no screaming-and the kids did just as well.  The kids tickle me sometime-some things they really, really enjoy that we do. Typing, drawing, anything with a dry erase marker, anything they have to do with me (english, spelling) and reading to Whitman.  Now the rest of the school stuff-math, phonics, science-no one really gets too excited about doing.  (Though I have convinced Graham that Robby will be so happy to see how well he can do his math and phonics and he might should do some tomorrow to show him-ha, ha, ha!)
  • After school, we had our lunch and read a few books.  I might have a bit of an obsessive personality: Campbell was Llama Llama for her school book character day.  We only had one Llama book so I just checked out every single Llama Llama book from the library.  She has really enjoyed hearing them.
  • Next up was a turkey craft-maybe I can get a picture tomorrow when everyone glues on their beaks.  It wasn't too hard-just gluing tissue paper but Reagan and Graham (my 2 perfectionists) were not pleased with their work.  They made a fun project into quite an ordeal-I mentally made note that we wouldn't be doing any craft projects for a long, long time!  
  • They watched their movie this afternoon and soon Robby was home.  I woke Keaton up and she made a lego tower and was using it as a cane.  Campbell said "Keaton, are you an old woman?"  So I asked Campbell "what does an old woman say?"  She replied "help me, help me."-just as the lady from Beebee's nursing home.  Oh, I laughed so hard.
  • After a while, we loaded up and headed to Nonna's house for supper.  We replaced Sunday lunch with Friday supper this week.  There were hamburgers and hot dogs.  The kids had a blast playing and there was even a project that we had....
  • Pops had bought everyone geodes (hollow rocks to break open and reveal pretty rocks inside) while he was on his trip.  We were under the impression that a gentle tap with the hammer would quickly reveal beautiful sparkling rocks-that didn't happen!  It took pounding from children and adults on each and every rock.  Just imagine 4 children swinging 2 hammers-Whitman didn't partake and Keaton was scared by the loud noises.  Bang, bang, bang, bang on the rocks and nothing happened.  After about 45 minutes of banging the rocks did start to crack and reveal more rocks inside.  Ha!  The kids had a blast and will never forget working on those rocks!
  • And the next project was Nonna's Christmas tree.  I don't think that Nonna had planned on doing her tree tonight.  She had her tree up and lights on it but soon 10 hands were hanging ornaments on that tree.  We had to move a few ornaments around to put the ribbon on and then had to stop the kids because they were going to hang every single ornament at 3 feet high.  Hopefully we helped some on Nonna's tree and hopefully some one will help me with my tree soon!
  • Back at home, it was quickly bedtime for everyone.  Whitman decided that he needed another bottle but the others laid down with out any sounds.  They were just as tired as I am right now!

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