November 13, 2013

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Just a little tree trimming work being done outside!

  • Since Whitman has been sickly, we have been letting him hang out more in our bed.  Last night was no different.  When he started coughing we brought him to our room for a bit.  But when we were done with him, we tried to put him back to bed but no way was he going.  We even tried to convince him with a bottle but he would throw that bottle and scream!  So we let him stay until 3.
  • At 3, I tried to ever so carefully take him back to his bed.  But I failed miserably and he let me know where he wanted to sleep.  After a bit of fussing, Robby moved to the living room to sleep and I just went on to sleep in the bed all by myself while Whitman tried to wake up the whole house. 
  • This morning when I woke Keaton up (who is now permanently sleeping in the bonus room), I asked her why she was sleeping upstairs.  She said "Daddy."  Then I asked her why he took her up there.  She replied "me sleep Mommy."  I guess I am pretty popular around here!
  • Bible study was this morning and even though we didn't have our weekly Wednesday take out the trash chore, we were still scrambling this morning.  I was telling kids to put on shoes and coats while I was shoveling cereal into Whitman.  And we still made it in plenty of time because I don't want to miss a single minute of child care for all of the kids...I mean, Bible study!
  • After Bible study, we headed to see Beebee.  On the way, I talked to her and she said that she didn't have any candy.  So I drilled that into the kids heads-over and over again until I was sure they understood.  Well, we got there and while I was taking Campbell to the potty, guess who showed up?  The candy man-Pops.  He had come to deliver laundry and most importantly candy and lots of it.
  • The kids ate their lunchables while we waited on Beebee to finish her lunch.  Then they had a few pieces of candy.  Everyone was really good and we stayed for a while before heading for home.
  • Near our house, tree trimmers have been trimming every single tree near any power line.  Today, they were in our yard working on the line from the street to our house.  When they first pulled in the yard, I couldn't get the kids to go outside and look.  I guess big machines and saws no longer interest the kids-they just wanted to go right up to the toy room and play. 
  • Later, that huge bucket truck was really close to the house.  By this time the kids were watching a movie so I turned it off and told them to go and watch real life.  They wanted to go on the patio but the workers probably would have frowned on that so everyone lined up at the window and watched the excitement.  Seriously, those branches were huge and they cut ones that were really, really high-three times higher than the power line.  I guess entergy does not want a repeat of last years power outages.
  • Of course, my kids are really hoping for a week without power.  They talk so fondly of Christmas night-us making smores in the cold house, them sleeping in the tent in our closet, hanging out in our bedroom for days and then hibernating in the bonus room and cooking for all of the family that could come over.  We might have to start some new traditions this year.  
  • Soon the chili was warm and the kids ate.  This was the same recipe that we have been making but this time it was crazy spicy.  Keaton was my big eater and she would eat it as quickly as I would put it on her spoon.  The bus soon left for church.
  • Church was fine tonight and as a treat when we made it home, the kids had cinnamon toast for a bedtime snack.  We then put everyone to bed-wish us luck that they will stay in their beds...all night long!

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