November 28, 2013-Happy Thanksgiving

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Happy Thanksgiving!

  • The first thing that I heard from Anderson this morning over the monitor was "guys, it is Thanksgiving."  That really got everyone stirring.  Before long the kids were downstairs eating breakfast and reading their daily list.
  • It didn't take long for them to mark off most of the chores from those lists and soon Campbell was vacuuming away, Robby was cleaning the kitchen floor, Reagan was reading, Anderson was doing phonics, Graham had snuck off to play his kindle, Keaton was as usual close by me and Whitman was still snoozing-yep, he knew it was going to be a big day so he slept past 9.
  • Soon the house was clean (as clean as it gets) and we were all sitting down watching the parade.  The kids would get so excited about each float, band and balloon.
  • Now there was one act from a Broadway show called Kinky Boots (I think that was their name)  That did cause quite a stir with the men wearing crazy high heeled boots.  Their songs had the message of acceptance and being who you want to be.  We quickly explained that we are called to be who God wants us to be.  Seriously, a bit disappointing that the Thanksgiving parade isn't as family friendly as I think it should be!  But then the snoopy balloon and all else had been forgotten about.
  • The kids made fruit turkeys and they turned out cute.  This was the first time that I just gave them the picture of someone else's, gave them the fruit and set them loose.  They were very pleased with those turkeys-and I just had a tiny bit of that fruit lest.
  • Grannymom and Grandpa were the first to arrive, followed by Jason, Dana, Lilly and Cash and then Nonna and Pops.  Everyone carried in their food and just as we were putting the rolls in, I forgot that I was going to have the kids made butter.  I asked the big kids if they wanted to but by then they were too busy playing with their cousins.  But Keaton and Campbell wanted to make butter so they shook their jars and shook their jars and then lost interest-leaving Robby and Jason to work on the butter.  It was pretty much a flop but there was no worries because we had plenty of other butter.
  • Thanksgiving lunch was wonderful with so much to be thankful for in this house.  We had plenty of food on our plates and plenty of family around so things couldn't have been much better.  After eating, the kids played until we pulled out desserts.  Then they surprisingly showed back up. 
  • Dana suggested going to a movie and our kids were sure on board with that-since they haven't been to a movie since last Thanksgiving (that was when all of the adults dumped me with all of the kids for a kid movie and they went to see a grown up movie.)  Cash didn't want to go to the movie and Anderson was so torn about what to do.  Anderson eventually decided to stay with Cash but as we were turning off our street, Pops called saying to come back.  
  • Cash, Anderson and Pops were walking down the street to meet us.  Pops said that as soon as we drove off my tender hearted Anderson started crying and sweet Cash said that he would go to the movie with him.  We saw Frozen and it was pretty good-I did miss the first 15 minutes of it and would have missed more but Campbell was in and out of my lap.  A quiet dark room always puts me to sleep!
  • I think everyone enjoyed the movie-Campbell watched most of it but would occasionally ask for Robby to take her home and she did say that she didn't want to stay for another one.  Us either because when the movie was over, supper was calling our name.  All of the grands and Jason stayed with my little 2 who had both had short little naps this afternoon.
  • As soon as we made it back, I helped the kids make turkey cookies and they definitely had their sugar intake for the day.  But they all devoured their cookies and loved making them-I think they turned out pretty cute.  
  • The rest of us ate supper and the boys started watching football and the three little ones had a shower.  Poor Whitman was so tired when everyone left that we put him to bed early.  And the rest of us watched Let's Make a Deal-the kids asked about watching one of our game shows and since it is a holiday, how could we say no!  
  • Then bedtime for them all as we settled down to have a snack-wonder if Robby or I will end up with that last piece of pecan pie!

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