November 6, 2013

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  • Last night we were sitting on the couch thinking that everyone was asleep upstairs and that is when we heard a "thud" followed by a child wailing.  We figured out that the wailer was Keaton but couldn't figure out the thud-too quiet to be her falling over her crib rail and too loud to be her just banging her head on the side of the bed.  I raced upstairs to find Reagan kneeling beside her trying to calm the poor child-who had been hit in the head when Campbell threw down the baby doll from the top bunk.  Keaton, after all, had asked for the baby doll and that is exactly what she got.  
  • As I was calming everyone back down, I gave out another round of hugs.  That is when Anderson asked me "do you have any ear plugs I could use?"  Buddy, if I had ear plugs I would be using them myself!
  • Bible study day and when I pulled out of the garage I first realized that it was raining.  I told Robby that if I had only known it was raining, I might have skipped.  But since I am not a skipper (never even skipped school-shocking, I know) we braved the weather and pressed on.  Thankfully, God heard my prayers and it wasn't pouring when we arrived.  We were able to park and get out of the car like normal.  Plan B was going to be to drop the kids off under the awning and have them wait on me-I know they would have done that perfectly but that is stress that none of us needs. 
  • Reagan had snack duty today in her class and she was tickled to bring brownies that she had made yesterday in her little brownie maker.  She also iced them herself.  She was so excited about bringing the snack that she asked if she could walk to her room by herself without me.  I said yes since it was just down the hall-later she told me that she was the first one there.  
  • When we leave Bible study each Wednesday, I ask all of the kids what they learned, talked about or did.  This usually takes until we get to Lawson because everyone has lots to say.  Here are a few of the recaps from today:
  • Graham told us all about his story of Joseph in the well and even concluded with "so we know that God will take care of us too."  When it was Anderson's turn, he said that Graham had told everything already.  Campbell said that she played in the inside playground, colored and talked about the man in the fish (Joseph in the well-not the whale like Jonah last week).  Reagan talked about the locusts from Revelation and how they were from Satan.  When I asked Keaton she said (as she does each week) "fish."  We assume that she means that she saw the fish in the aquarium outside of her room.  Then we all sang her song with her singing "helper, helper" along with us. (The Lord is my helper, my helper, my helper.  The Lord is my helper I will not be afraid.)
  • Today for lunch we pulled out the blessed lunchables.  The kids ate up while I read some science to them along with a few other books.  Science is pretty interesting this week-about our respiratory system-and Anderson is pretty thrilled because tomorrow we are going to read about asthma.  
  • Since we had seen Beebee yesterday we didn't have anywhere to go this afternoon except for church.  I don't know what it was but this was the longest afternoon ever for me.  I even ran out of things to do (yes, there was plenty to do but nothing that I really wanted to do).  I finished packing, the kids straightened their closet, we organized lots of shoes, Campbell and I organized all of the kids craft projects and then we heated up supper.  
  • Rice and beans were on the menu-the only thing that we have found lately that Keaton finished her bowl of.  Tonight she even asked for more-well, she went to the microwave with her bowl and tried to stick the bowl inside (that is where she thinks all of our food comes from!)
  • Church was tonight and the kids did great at drop off.  As I was crouched behind the puppet area, I could even hear Graham sing during some of the singing/puppets.  And Reagan was pretty thrilled that tonight was double buck night.  And the best part of the night was when I picked up Whitman-he was being held by the door and when he saw me, he raised his arms.  Sweet little boy!
  • Once at home, it was ice cream truck night since we skipped Sunday night.  The kids get so excited about ice cream sandwiches-I guess it really is the simple things.  They had ice cream while Whitman had carrots, pumpkin and chicken.  Then it was bedtime for all little Dennies.

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