November 11, 2013

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Our line dancer - Anderson Neal!

  • Robby had to be at work early this morning so as I lay very still in bed, I saw at least one child look at me and then walk through the bedroom looking for their daddy.  They made the circle and then were in my bed asking where he was.  Reagan was actually one of the first ones up which is really strange for her. 
  • But Anderson was upstairs taking her place in bed.  I asked a few times if he was up and after my shower went to check on him.  I was shocked that he was still in bed sound asleep.  After waking him up, we woke Keaton up and then woke Whitman up.
  • Whitman slept great last night and never stirred.  Though when I got him up this morning, his whole face was covered in dried snot.  Sorry, that is pretty nasty but I think he was happy with me after I held him down to scrub all of that off of his little face.  He has felt much better today with no fever.  His runny nose slowed during the day but then increased again tonight-no telling what I will have to scrub off of him in the morning.
  • We had our breakfast and then started school.  My Anderson took one hour and ten minutes to do his math.  One of those math pages was the fun review page so that only left one real page.  When he finally did them he didn't miss a one.  So I know that he gets it and I try not to rush him and just let him figure out on his own that everyone else has finished and is playing while he is still working.  But I can't finish school either until he is done.  Maybe I should have him do math before he gets breakfast-that would speed him up.
  • I guess that it was our late start because no one had that much more work than usual but Reagan and Anderson had work to do after lunch.  They didn't seem to care so they worked while I picked up from the morning.  When Reagan finished her work, she helped Campbell pull out her outfit for Book Character day tomorrow.  Campbell will be Llama Llama, Red Pajama.  We did read Caps for Sale today and I tried to convince her to switch to that book but she said no it was about a boy.
  • Soon it Keaton's nap time and that child goes to bed perfectly in the afternoon (maybe it is the milk I give her) but fights bedtime at night like you wouldn't believe.  We did our geography, science, memory work and read a few books and then it was movie and snack time.
  • I didn't have very long to work today but I accomplished all of my chores-even with my little helper Campbell trailing me.  Soon though it was time to wake Keaton up and everyone joined me upstairs.
  • My plan was for us to go through their stuffed animals since I am already dreading all of the presents from Christmas (no, I don't have the Christmas spirit yet).  Reagan was even in the mood to get rid of a few but everyone she said to get rid of, Anderson wanted to keep.  He is not going to be invited to the next clean out day!
  • The kids all stayed upstairs and played camping-the boys used their new gun and bow and arrow to shoot the bears and deer while the girls had their dolls and dressed them for camping.  Robby came home about this time and we tried to be as quiet as we could downstairs so they would continue to play.
  • My oven timer was beeping soon and that alerted everyone to food so they all came down for supper.  After supper we had a few cowboy dance shows (I'm not sure where they get all of this-probably from their daddy) and then it was time for bed for all.  Keaton is again sleeping in the bonus room since she started fussing as we walked up the steps.  I think we have missed our window of opportunity with her sleeping with the others-we used to have Campbell sleep in the closet-maybe Keaton should sleep in the closet!

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