November 8, 2013-Branson

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1st upside down roller coaster for Reagan & Anderson!

  • Oh, there is just something special about hotel sleeping.  No one stirred until after 7 when Reagan came over to my bed saying that Campbell was kicking her.  I have slept with Campbell before I the child can not lay in one place at all-I bet Reagan didn't get any sleep at all.  Soon Reagan poked me and said that Campbell was calling me-she had woken up and gone potty.
  • So Reagan and Campbell were in my bed and we kept hearing these loud thuds.  Finally, I figured out that it was Whitman kicking around in the pack n play.  So he soon joined us as well.  Next was Anderson who woke Keaton and Robby up.  And Graham snoozed away and probably could have slept for another 2 hours.
  • We quickly put on...nothing to go and eat downstairs.  Well, the kids just went in their pajamas and Robby and I did put on all essential clothing for breakfast downstairs.  As  we were leaving the room, Anderson said "Mom, thank you for planning this trip."  I took the credit though I had nothing to do with it-Robby is the planner and my part in all of the planning is to say "ok, I will put it on the calendar."
  • At breakfast, we had two split into 2 separate tables and the room was filled.  It was filled with people that visit Branson (old people!).  We had at least 2 tables comment on how well the kids did.  Because we are such a big group we do get comments like that often-more on that later.
  • After breakfast, we came back to the room and threw on our bathing suits.  The pool was pretty good sized and the kids really loved swimming in it.  Campbell hung back with Robby in the hot tub, Whitman watched from his stroller and Keaton floated a bit in the big pool and stayed on the steps of the hot tub.  Reagan went back and forth between the two areas and Anderson finally put his feet in the hot tub despite disliking anything hot.  He is my temperature boy-he really notices any changes in temperature and will not eat anything warm at all. And I just stuck my feet in the water since I didn't want to get my bathing suit wet and then traipse upstairs.
  • We all put on out clothes and then headed to the one place that these Dennies shop while in Branson-the Coleman store.  We walked up and down every single aisle and can you believe that we didn't buy a single thing.  Seriously, it was a bit disappointing.  Oh, well there is always next Branson trip.
  • By this time, it was nearing 1 which is when Silver Dollar City opens so we picked up lunch and went to the park.  Parking took a minute today with getting that big ole van in a parking spot but we succeeded and were soon on the tram to the park.  The kids squeeze into that tram car and Keaton has me hang on to her like we are on the ride of her life.  
  • We made it into the park just after it opened and walked to Fire in the Hole.  We couldn't get Campbell to ride on it with us but the big 3 were able to do it twice-once with me and once with Robby.  Then we walked to the kiddie swings where Campbell happily rode that ride.  Then they played in the tree house area for awhile and the next ride was the carousel.  The McGuires saw us and they also rode the carousel with us.  We chatted with them a bit and headed to the big swing.
  • Reagan said she didn't want to do the big swing so everyone went to do the ride where you pull yourself up with the rope.  Then Reagan decided that she did want to do that big swing.  So I dutifully lined up with her.  I saw it, knew it was fast but oh my goodness.  When you start swinging, you are swinging over 7 stories tall.  On the first time that we went all of the way up backwards and we started to go back down, I almost lost it.  Seriously, like panic attack, I am going to die, I have to calm myself down, take my now Jesus, my mouth is open but I can't even scream, my hands are flapping because I don't know what to hold on to, I think I just wet my pants!  Thankfully, I pulled myself together and was able to tolerate the other swings-vowing to never get on that swing again.
  • As soon as we were off, my sweet Anderson looked at me and said "I think I want to go on them now."  He didn't want to go the first time but seeing how much fun we had (huh?) made him want to go.  So I again dutifully lined up with the child and Reagan.  Oh yes, Reagan loved this ride-she was thrilled and was so excited to have the chance to do it again.  And Robby, he has started getting more and more motion sickness lately-getting old-or at least that is what he says.  
  • So I squeezed tightly to poor Anderson's hand as we swung back and forth seven stories high.  I did keep it together better this time but was happy to have my feet back on the ground.  The others had been getting a drink with Robby so when we get off the ride, we looked over and there was another roller coaster so Robby took Reagan and Anderson on that one.  They are barely tall enough to do these big kid rides so poor Graham isn't-he is always disappointed but he doesn't really mind and is happy to chill with the other waiters and have some candy.
  • I guess that we should have checked to see what kind of roller coaster it was before we sent the kids on it.  Robby can do roller coasters better than spinny rides so he volunteered for that duty.  Little did we know that was the second fastest wooden roller coaster and the wooden roller coaster with the most upside downs-yep, I said upside down.  Poor Reagan and Anderson didn't know that was coming at all or they would have never stepped foot on it.  
  • I could tell that it must have been a good roller coaster because Robby was laughing when they came to a stop at the end of it.  Then he motioned for me to ride next-huh?  I was still recovering from the swings.  I had no idea that the sweet little wooden roller coaster in front of me was more intense than the rock n roller coaster at Disney.  Seriously, we went upside down at least 3 times-probably more but I could barely keep my head up.  I was like a giant bobble head doll.  
  • By this time, we were getting a big hungry so we stopped to split a little pizza.  Each of us had a tiny slice and then walked on to explore some more.  We ended up at the flooded mine-a ride that each and every one of us could do-and we did it twice.  That kind of ride is more my speed-any ride that you can take a baby on is a winner in my book.  
  • Next up was another wooden roller coaster closer to the children's area.  This one had a lower height requirement so Graham and Campbell could go-but they had to ride with an adult so this meant that someone would have to wait.  Campbell looked a bit terrified during the ride-it is a pretty good roller coaster for a 3 year old (or even a 35 year old).  Then Graham had a turn with Robby-which delighted Reagan and Anderson because they were able to go again.  So then Graham had to go again with me and that meant that Campbell needed another turn too.  Ended up that Reagan and Anderson rode 4 times and Graham and Campbell each rode 2 times-not too bad.
  • Then we walked back through the peanut brittle place-since the boys have continually talked about that since last night.  They were giving out big samples today so my kids were pleased and they were doubly pleased when Robby bought fudge.  Of course one bag of fudge disappears quickly when so many people are eating it.  My Keaton just stuck the whole piece that I gave her in her mouth at once-she didn't understand the word "savor."
  • The tram to the car was the next ride for the Dennies.  Campbell, Keaton and Whitman went to sleep in the car-even though it wasn't even 6.  We fought the traffic and drove down the strip and finally stopped for supper at Rib Crib.  There we were given another very nice compliment about the kids behavior.
  • As we were walking out, I mentioned the compliment and asked the kids "who can tell me why we try to do the right thing and behave?"  The answer I was hoping for was "so others can tell that we love Jesus."  The answer that I received from Reagan was "so we don't get beat up."  What? Not my child!
  • Robby was in a vacation mood so he picked up doughnuts for our drive back to the hotel.  We quickly devoured the dozen and were soon in our room.  The kids watched a few episodes of Full House before heading to bed.  So far, everyone is sleeping soundly-though Reagan and Graham are on the pull out couch and I can tell you now that I know that will not work at all.  My bet is someone ends up in my bed (currently empty) around 2.

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