January 8, 2013

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Enjoying Pop's fire!

  • This was the first real day since our holidays that we actually had to get up on time-Bible study day.  I was one of the first ones up and even managed to do a few things before having to wake everyone up.  And no, no one was awake this morning before 7-or at least they didn't get out of bed.  No one wanted to write more sentences.
  • At Bible study, a little boy in the class next to Keaton's was having a fit going in. I could feel her grab my hand tighter and I prepared myself for a fit but that sweet little thing walked right on in to her class.  The boys were next and they practically knock each other down trying to get inside of their class.  And Campbell didn't want to go in her class, then she was about to walk in happily when I called her back out to fix her pants (they really needed fixing).  I was pretty afraid that she wasn't going to go in at all after that but she did walk right in.
  • Of course Whitman and Reagan went right in their classes-Whitman must like Bible study even though his class room is tiny, tiny-there are usually only 2 babies in there (counting him) and 2 workers.  When Bible study was over, we battled the light sleet and went back to the car.
  • Once in the car, I tried to figure out our plans-were the roads ok enough to go to Haskell and Benton?  The vote from Pops and Robby was that they were and we headed down the road to Haskell to pick up something from Craigslist.  We did stop to pick up McDonalds on the way and then I started seeing wrecks-3!  Eeek.  But soon I had picked up my stuff and was heading to see Beebee.
  • I had questioned going to Beebee's place after seeing those wrecks but again Pops and Robby said I had made it that far, so on we went.  She was surprised to see us since she had called and said not to come because of the weather.  Earlier I had told the kids that we wouldn't get to see her and Campbell cried saying "but I want candy."  But my Anderson said "it is really a bummer when we don't get to see Beebee on the days we usually go."  
  • The kids talked to Beebee today and told her about their Bible study classes.  Of course they had some candy and then she passed on dollar bills for everyone.  Anderson, that sweet, sweet child, gave me his money and said "I don't want it."  I told him that I didn't mind holding it for him and he explained that he didn't want it.  I am always saying that we do not go to see Beebee for candy or money.  I explained to him that Beebee had plenty of money and giving him that money made her happy.  That appeased him and he stuck that dollar bill back in his pocket.
  • Heading back home was uneventful and when we almost made it home, Jason called saying that church was cancelled.  And really that was the very best thing that could have happened to us-gave me more time this afternoon to work, gave us more time to drop off the kids and we even had a few more minutes after dropping everyone off tonight.  Of course that winter weather has cancelled our early morning flight for tomorrow morning but we are already rescheduled on another one so hopefully that will all work out.  If our flights work out tomorrow it is probably a good thing since the early morning flight would have been difficult.  And with just us (and not the kiddos) tomorrow, we aren't stressing about the unknown.  
  • This afternoon, I worked and the kids played upstairs and watched some tv.  Unfortunately, Whitman and Keaton didn't sleep that long but everyone was a in a good mood and I was able to get most things done that I needed to.
  • Robby was soon home and we decided to eat pizza at Nonna's house before dropping the kiddos off.  Pizza was good and the kids were excited to start their vacations from us.  My Keaton wasn't too happy when we left-she was just had her hands over her eyes and acted all pitiful.  I am pretty sure that most of it was show!
  • Then we dropped the boys off and they cared a lot less about seeing us go.  I think they were anxious to get out their paper airplane books-this was the first activity that they wanted to do on their vacations.  Anderson did want to watch the Razorbacks play basketball so they probably squeezed that in to.
  • Back at home, Robby and I packed our bags and then sat on the couch like always finishing our nightly routine-but tonight we didn't have to worry about anyone calling us upstairs-I guess that our vacation has already started!

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