January 20, 2014

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Enjoying the warm January weather!

  • Since I knew we had a lot to do this morning, I was a big girl and was up and ready before 8.  (I know that makes me sound incredibly lazy but I am reading this really good book at night right now.  Robby is reading a book too and after 5 pages he can't keep his eyes open. Yet at 1, I was trying to figure up how many more hours it would take me to finish my book)
  • And it was especially hard to get out of bed this morning because when I told Keaton where I was going, she kept saying "stay here, stay here."  Doesn't that just melt your heart?  Then she came and sat in the bathroom while I finished my shower.  
  • I had to wake Campbell and Reagan up and get them moving but everyone was downstairs when I started dishing out breakfast.  I urged them to eat in the school room as they worked-never a good idea though when they are eating frosted flakes.  
  • School went amazingly well today (yes, all because we started early)  Graham and Reagan were finished by 10.  My Anderson took a bit longer and I even didn't make him finish everything.  I don't know if he is just slower or more distracted but he does eventually get it done and he does understand what he is doing so for those I am thankful.
  • We then did some memory work and then read science.  I thought I set my alarm for 10 minutes before we had to leave.  But I thought I would just check my time and was surprised to see that it was time to leave.  We started throwing things putting them away (though not throwing them in my newly cleaned closet).
  • It doesn't take 6 kids long to get into the car when you are heading to the park.  We were loaded in minutes and ready to play at Lilly's park.  Grannymom met us there and the kids played and played. They were able to walk on the little trail by themselves and we even had a picnic while enjoying the beautiful weather.  
  • Then it was doctor time-the odds (Reagan, Graham and Keaton) were taken to Grannymom's house and the evens (Anderson, Campbell and Whitman) came with me.  This was Anderson and Campbell's yearly checkups.  They passed-both a little on the portly side but other than they perfectly healthy.  She did tell them to wear their helmets when riding bikes (shame on me) and to eat more veggies (again shame on me).  While Martin was looking at Anderson, Campbell was laying under the exam table on the floor.  Whatever keeps that child happy.
  • Whitman was next up for his doctor's appointment.  I called this morning to add him to our appointment today for an ear check.  Poor baby has fluid in one ear and an ear infection in the other.  I am glad that we can now start another med to heal that child and I am glad that he is the happiest baby ever and other than his runny nose you would never know he is sickly.
  • So my Campbell did have to have shots-3 shots.  It happened around 3:23 in case you heard some screams and didn't know what it was.  It was my child-she was wailing by the time we laid her down on the table.  The nurse and I even got a bit tickled.  She was hysterical and afterwards, I frantically dug in my diaper bag looking for something, anything to calm the child down so we could walk out of the office without a huge scene.  Thankfully, I had some candy so we walked out with Anderson holding her hand and her sobbing between bites of smarties.   
  • The evens and I went to Grannymoms to pick up the odds.  They rode bikes for a few minutes before we loaded up to get the post shot ice cream.  Campbell had decided on Wendy's frostys instead of Sonic's happy hour.  So we drove to Wendys and were almost in the drive thru when I started reaching for my wallet.  I couldn't find it-yep, it was in my church bag at home.  No wallet, no ice cream.  Robby had already been to Sams to pick up Whitman's medicine for me and now had to come and bail me out to buy frostys.  We went on home and he stopped there and picked up supper as well.
  • We laid out the picnic blanket in the garage and the kids ate supper.  Then we had the family basketball game that Anderson has been begging to have for days now.  Reagan and he lined us up and then picked teams-me and the boys against Robby and the girls.  
  • The first second of the game, Reagan tripped and fell scratching her knee.  This caused her to be so skittish for the rest of the game.  Robby would throw her the ball and yell "take the shot" and she would immediately pass the ball back to him.  Over and over-it was like watching a game of hot potato.  Finally, she did take one shot but our team ended up winning the game 20-18.  
  • Back inside, it was showers for all and then everyone went upstairs to work on the toy room.  By the time that I finished my shower, the toy room was perfect and everyone was downstairs watching Let's Make a Deal.  After our game show, it was time for bed-my kiddos were pretty tired tonight and I have a book to read.

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