January 14, 2014-Key West

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Once I went to sleep last night, I slept really well.  I was too busy going over my to-do list in my head to get to sleep or maybe I was too busy wondering how I could convince Robby that HGTV was worth it.  He actually said that it was a good thing we didn’t have cable or I would never get anything accomplished.  But all of those cable shows would be so educational for the kiddos!

While I got ready, Robby went to get breakfast downstairs.  After I ate, we loaded up for the airport.  We filled up the car with gas for the first time on this trip.  We couldn’t remember not having to fill up the car multiple times on a trip.  The airport was nearby and I enjoyed looking at all of the places on our way there.

Returning the car and even the security lines were a breeze and soon we were waiting on our plane. I could hardly concentrate on reading my magazine as I was too busy listening to all of the conversations around us.  Then I started wondering who I would rather sit near for my in-flight entertainment-the noisy kids, the crazy old man returning from a cruise with his dysfunctional family or the mobster.  I didn’t see the large lady waiting to board the plane but boy, oh boy did I see her when I walked up to my seat.  There she was sitting half way in my seat.  One of my new year’s resolutions is to smile more-smile at the kids when I am crazy frustrated, smile as I am waiting in line, smile at the lady sitting in my seat and her seat on my 2 and a half hour flight.  So smile I did as I sat closer to Robby than I ever have before-he was so smashed that there is probably an imprint of the side of the plane on his cheek.

Ha, it wasn’t that bad and the lady was very nice when I had to get up and go potty.  Seriously, at home I can wait all day long before going to the restroom.  But as soon as I step foot on a plane, I have to potty.  I really debated on asking the lady to move so I could get to the restroom-I thought surely I could wait but Robby said that we had well over another hour in flight.  So when I asked she graciously got up and Robby jumped up too.  And what did we see in the back of the plane-seat after seat of empty seats!  It was too late to move so I just smiled and went back to half seat for the rest of the flight.

The flight was uneventful-yet boring.  I really can not do anything for more than a few minutes at a time or I get bored.  So I just jumped around on what I was doing-Bible study, magazines, book, game on my kindle, eavesdropping, looking out the window.  We eventually made it to Chicago and found ourselves something to eat.  I had a hamburger and Robby had pizza.  I was really hoping that a Sonic would be in one of these terminals but alas there was not.  I will just have to forego getting my cinnamon snack on this trip and wait for another trip.

I did however find a cinnamon pretzel to munch on while we waited for our next flight.  Our wait was around 3 hours so we were ready to get on the plane to get home to see our babies. The flight to Little Rock was smooth sailing and even though it was a small plane we were able to spread out a little bit.

Pops was at the airport to pick us up and everyone else was at our house waiting to see us. As soon as the door opened, the kids were everywhere hugging us. They had all made many signs and were so proud to show them off to us. Reagan was even working on a scavenger hunt for Robby and I. My Keaton just wanted to be held by me and then later by Robby-well, that and she wanted some coke. And sweet Whitman had fallen asleep but I certainly did wake that boy up so he could see everyone. I think that he was probably the most excited to see Campbell-she sure was the most excited to see him!

It was a good trip but I am certainly glad to be home-despite the to-do list and loads of laundry.

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