January 7, 2014

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Future Architects!

  • Before 7 this morning, Graham was writing "sentences."  Nothing like writing "7:00" over and over again before the clock actually strikes 7:00!  When I saw his work, I was quite surprised since his 7s and 0s were formed much better than they ever are during school.  
  • My Campbell was up and ready to go to school.  I thought about sending her to school with her teacher's delayed Christmas gift that I left under the tree during her Christmas party.  But I just decided to save it for her end of school year gift.  Anyway, Campbell was so excited to go back to school and she walked right into her class without a look back at Robby.
  • Back here, we had our breakfast and then started on school.  Things were a bit calmer today without my spunky Campbell around.  Even Keaton just sat quietly while I read science to everyone.  Even with the calmness that a day without Campbell provides, I really missed her. And Keaton kept asking "Campbell and Daddy home?" 
  • Some how lately I lose all track of time around lunch.  It is usually about 10 til noon and I head to the kitchen to make lunch.  But the next thing I know I am waking Whitman up, changing diapers, folding paper airplanes and making a bracelets and it is 12:30.  We still managed to get lunch in before 1 so that was good.
  • After lunch, we worked on packing and I do apologize to Nonna and Grannymom because I have pretty much just let the kids stuff whatever they wanted into their suitcases.  I hope there are suitable clothes to wear each day in there-if not, they can just let themselves into our house to find something!
  • The afternoon was fairly quiet.  The kids worked on building some type of bridge/castle.  They used all 200 blocks which was a big deal for them.  Then Reagan and I made a few snowflakes for Reagan's oral reports as the boys raced their remote control cars around us-those cars had spent a few days put up so they were much happier to play with them today. 
  • Soon it was time for Robby and Campbell to come home.  Grannymom had sent a piece of candy home for everyone and Campbell delighted in passing them out to everyone.  We had supper as I opened one of my birthday presents from Robby.  The kids were pretty happy to see my present too.  
  • After supper, we all just hung out in the living room for a bit.  The girls did work on Campbell's drawing toy from Nonna for Christmas and the boys did a lot of kindle playing.  Tomorrow is a busy day and I should follow the kids to bed-but not going to happen!

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