January 3, 2014

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An afternoon at Rock Creek!

  • My crew again slept very well last night.  The kids were up and moving earlier than the last few days.  We had our breakfast and then it was finally time to empty the trash cans in the house.  It had been a few days (or maybe even weeks) because our trash bin outside has remained full despite even a few trips too dump our trash elsewhere (shh!)
  • The main activity today was making Graham's liberty pole for his oral report.  The kids loved wrapping the string around the pole.  And Graham was so pleased with the finished product.  Now just 2 more oral report projects to work on-some type of giraffe looking snack (wish us luck there) and some massive snow flakes.  We might try to work on those snow flakes tomorrow.  I had planned on making the snow flakes and having them hang in the house during January-hopefully we can still do that!
  • Then it was time to head to the library-I had a book on hold and sure didn't want to pay a 2 dollar fine for not picking it up.  I did debate-2 dollar fine or taking 5 kids to the library.  It was a difficult choice but I opted for the library.  The kids love the library and I wish that I was relaxed enough to go and let them stay for awhile.  I also wished that I was relaxed enough to let them check out more books-I am always calculating how much I would have to pay if I lost all of the books that I checked out each time.  Today's total would be $340 to replace all of those books!  That is why I am so nutzo about where they can read and where they can put the library books.  
  • And after the library (which the kids did exceptional) we went to Rock Creek to play.  We were there along with at least 100 other folks.  The fire marshal would have shut that place down in a heart beat if he had stopped by today.  I had never seen it like that nor had the kids. We met some friends there and all of our kids would occasionally come and said "there are a lot of people here today."  
  • After a bit of play, we all went upstairs to eat.  The kids ate well so they could hurry back downstairs to play and when we came back, all of the other folks had left so we had it practically to ourselves-well our group was at least 22 kids so we filled it up.  Jodee brought Reagan by so she was able to play for a bit before we headed home.  My Whitman loved playing in the little kiddie area and all of my kids wanted to slide down the little slide with him.  At first he would kind of smile when going down the slide but after so much jostling he soon started to whimper on the tiny slide. 
  • As we were starting to leave, the kids started asking me about sonic and since it was happy hour and since they all do leave places so incredibly well, why not.  We went to sonic for our drinks and then headed home.  Keaton was sound asleep and Whitman was pretty tired so they had brief naps this afternoon.
  • The kids were hungry and asked for chips and cheese like I was having for lunch.  Then they asked for more which they were given.  Then they asked for more and we said that it was time to go!-grocery shopping.
  • Our first stop was Lifeway where I ran in to look for a Bible for me (I want one that I can take notes around the edges-can't get it in the HCSB so now I have to figure out what version I want)  Then it was Arby's for supper followed by grocery shopping.
  • The kids were good eating and shopping but sometimes I think that we need to have lessons on how to act at the store.  Or maybe we just shouldn't take them all shopping-oh, but how could you not?  We let them all pick out not one but 2 containers of yogurt and they thought that had hit the jackpot.  It is the simple things in life!

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