January 22, 2014

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Whitman will be walking soon...

  • Today was Bible study day and since we left the house 30 minutes late last week, we tried our best to leave on time today.  I was close-we were leaving the mud room when we should have been leaving the drive way.  And for a minute, let me just discuss Bible study-I am in love.  Seriously, there is nothing like driving home and hearing your 2 year old sing along with a Bible verse, your 5 year old say Bible verses, your 5 and 7 year olds tell you a Bible story in depth and hearing your 8 year old talk about the Lambs book of life.  That is worth waking up early, rushing out of the house and having a crazy afternoon!
  • After Bible study, we headed to see Beebee.  She was eating lunch so I passed out the kids lunches in the lobby and they ate while waiting on her.  And we waited and waited and waited-I guess it took forever for Beebee's lunch to come.  The kids passed the time playing London Bridges and a bit of wrestling-we sure liven the place up.
  • Everyone said their oral reports for Beebee, ate her candy and told her all about what they had done at Bible study.  We all saw Beebee's new room and that didn't slow the kids down-they still go all over that place.  Keaton even went with Reagan and the boys to take Beebee back to her room.  I would never have ran around a nursing home when I was small-I really don't even like running around it now!
  • So on the way home, I was talking to the kids about when I was old.  I asked who was going to come and see me.  Anderson said that he would come on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.  Graham said that he would come on those days.  Reagan then said that she would come on Mondays and Thursdays.  Then she thought and changed her mind and said "I will just come when I have time."  I don't think that sounds very good for me!
  • Once at home, I hauled Keaton and Whitman out of the car and put them to bed.  The others watched tv while I did my chores.  Soon it was time for everyone to start getting ready for church.  While I was combing Keaton's hair, I heard Campbell telling Whitman "God wants you to learn how to walk."  That he does but I am not too excited about him walking.  He is keeping me busy crawling all around the house putting every single thing in the floor into his mouth.
  • The kids ate before church and then it was to church we went.  After a few rounds of puppetering, we were headed home again.  Kennedy came home with us and we let the girls play upstairs while the boys watched the basketball game.  Poor Anderson gets so upset about those poor hogs-maybe next game will end more to his liking.
  • We finally had to put the kids to bed-the girls in the bedroom and the boys downstairs in our room.  Right now it sounds like everyone is asleep!

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