January 6, 2014-Happy Birthday Me! (celebration 3)

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Happy Birthday Tara!

  • Today was birthday day for me and I should have cancelled school and just cuddled with the kids all morning long.  Actually, we did have a pretty lazy morning even though I did try to wake up Robby for him to get to work this morning.  I had even thought that he was already gone when he came in telling me his car wouldn't start.  His silly car won't start every blue moon so he spent most of the day trying to get it fixed though no one could figure out what was wrong with it.
  • The kids were thrilled to eat their individual yogurts-it is the little things.  Reagan didn't like her key lime yogurt pick but Whitman sure did.  (He also liked our spicy chicken spaghetti tonight-even though he probably spit most of it up but that might have been due to the bites of cupcake that he washed the spaghetti down with.)  
  • After our breakfast, the kids started on school.  This was the first day for real school and everyone did fairly well-I was even able to drink my hot chocolate during school so that is a good day.  Far off on the horizon, I can envision the day when some of the kids will be able to retreat somewhere with their school work and finish most of it by themselves.  But until then, the craziness remains.  It was nearly noon when I quickly ran through our Bible verses, our geography facts and our timeline.  Then I had Anderson finish as I worked on lunch.  He is just slow (and distracted).  I worry that as his math gets harder this year, if he will just get slower and slower-eeek!
  • We had lunch and then everyone helped pick up a bit before Nonna came over.  I had a doctor's appointment for my blood pressure check (all good)  When I made it back home, Whitman was sleeping and Nonna and everyone else were playing upstairs.  I mentioned to Keaton about getting her milk and soon she was back upstairs with her milk in hand ready for her afternoon nap.
  • The afternoon flew by and soon Robby was home bearing cupcakes and cake pops for our birthday celebration.  We heated up our chicken spaghetti and had Graham make some crescent rolls-he was causing problems upstairs so Robby had him come down to work and with a little direction and attention he was again perfect.  
  • Supper was delicious and then Robby pulled out the cake pops-happiest kids ever.  And then we even let them have a bit of a cupcake (no, not a whole one-those are all for us!-notice that 2 were already gone by the time we took our pictures!)  
  • We then finished my birthday celebration with Let's Make a Deal and talk of a Dennie spelling bee sometime this spring-doesn't that sound like fun.  Graham is so excited about it and is under the impression that he will soon be winning the spelling bee and going to DC for the National Spelling Bee-good luck son!

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