January 29, 2014

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May have to call the fashion police!

  • Whitman was up at 3 this morning and we thought we would give him a bottle and change his diaper and happily put him back to bed.  He had a different idea though.  So he cried and cried.  Robby quickly went back to sleep so I just let him fuss for as long as I could.  At 3:30, I went back in there to cuddle for a bit.  He was so sweet and if he would have gone to sleep things would have been perfect but when I laid him back down after a long cuddle session, he started fussing again.  I tried to go to sleep (like Robby) with Whitman fussing but I could not so I sent him to the bonus room to finish the evening.  Once back in bed though, I still couldn't go to sleep for a while!  But I do think that my Whitman went to sleep fairly quickly upstairs-at least Robby never heard him when he was up later in the night
  • All of the big kids were up before 7 this morning which should have been a good thing to me since we had to get up and get moving.  But I sure didn't want to see or talk to anyone this morning.  I did get a better attitude after my shower and soon everyone was ready eating breakfast.
  • This morning was fairly smooth.  Since I have had a hard time getting to Bible study on time the last 2 weeks, Robby text me when I should start loading up this morning.  As soon as I read his text, I started calling for the kids to put on shoes and coats (which I had already put in the mud room)  It still took us about 10 more minutes before backing out of the garage.  I think I need the kids to practice their van loading and unloading skills.
  • After Bible study, we headed to see Beebee.  The kids ate lunch in the lobby while Beebee finished her lunch in the dining room.  I sent Anderson to check on her and he happily rolled her to see us.  She was in good spirits and the kids were in rare form for her.  Graham and Campbell were trying to out do each other coughing.  Keaton was pretty talkative and told Beebee as she hugged her good bye "I be back."
  • We then came home and had a pretty restful afternoon but all too soon we were getting ready to load back up for church.  We had dropped 5 kids off without any problems but child 6 to drop off didn't go well at all.
  • Robby tried to drop Campbell off but she started hanging on to his arm acting crazy.  So he took her to her class and made her let go as he put her inside her door.  This didn't go over too well and she started to have a fit.  He could hear her as he walked to where I was.  We decided that I should walk down there and I could still hear my 4 year old screaming.  
  • Her snot filled face was pressed up against the window as she was boo hooing.  But the second she saw me turn that corner, her expression immediately changed to fear.  I told her to come to me as her teacher opened the door.  I held her arm and gingerly walked her to her father.  That child knew she was in big time trouble and got a good talking from Robby to in the bathroom.  I took her back to her room as she dried her tears and explained that she would apologize to her teacher when we came back.  She asked me to help her and when she walked in she did say "sorry" as she walked by her teacher.  I do believe that she was a perfect thing for the rest of the night.
  • All of that about Campbell is enough to frustrate the fire out of us but on the other hand is this.  Today after Bible study we walked back to her class to look for her bracelet that she lost (just a rubber band one that can be made again).  Her teacher said "Campbell was the best one in the class today."  I thanked the teacher over and over for telling me this-it is nice to hear good things sometimes.  Those positive words this morning, might just have saved Campbell's rear tonight!      
  • Back at home, we gave coughy (Graham) some meds, put insomniac (Whitman) to bed and prayed that upset tummys (Keaton and Anderson) slept well.  Tonight Reagan said that Wednesday's are her favorite day because she gets to learn about God and have fun.  Well, that is a pretty good summary for our day.

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