January 15, 2014

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Lounging in a box...

  • Graham was in our bed at exactly 7:01 this morning-he must have been staring at the clock waiting on it to tick to 7 before he climbed out of his bed.  He laid there quietly until we were joined by Campbell.  Soon I jumped out of bed to start our morning.  
  • I had laid out the clothes for the kids in the toy room and it didn't take too long for everyone to get dressed.  Robby left for work and we were all eating our waffles.  I looked at the clock and thought that we had some extra time so I had the kids practice their oral reports and then work on putting up their laundry.  
  • Then I had everyone start getting into the car when I suddenly realized that we were not supposed to leave at 9:15, we were supposed to be there at 9:15.  Oh, well, we were just going to be late - Reagan kept telling me that people were always late and she wouldn't be the last one.  And my Anderson said that he hoped that he didn't miss Bible story time.  
  • Of course when you get to Bible study 15 minutes late, parking for large vehicles is kind of limited.  We had to park forever away so we hurried our rears into the church house not even grabbing a stroller for Whitman.  I was now on a mission to get my boys to Bible story time and we made it!-just barely but we made it!
  • Keaton's class was already at the indoor playground and my group was already in small group.  They hadn't even started the first question yet so I was there in plenty of time too.  I like arriving in time for the opening because after dropping off the kids, I can sit for a few minutes and relax.  
  • Other than being late for the start of Bible study, the morning had gone splendidly.  And then I picked the kids up....and things just went downhill.  I kept on smiling but Keaton and Campbell were crying on the way to the car parked forever away.  Campbell was crying because I wasn't going to stop in the freezing weather in the middle of the parking lot to zip her coat and Keaton was crying because I had to let go of her hand so I could hold Whitman and our 3 bags better.  
  • Once at home, the kids started riding on their bikes and scooters while I was unloading the car.  I thought that would be great but soon Keaton and Campbell were fighting over an umbrella.  They can both be such tattle tales-Keaton would come in and say "Campbell hit me" and then Campbell would come in with the same story.  
  • I did manage to make lunch during all of this and let them eat outside.  Graham begged me to let everyone eat outside and I had said yes.  But then he came in asking to play his kindle and I said no because they were playing outside.  This didn't set well with him at all and his downfall started!  
  • Lunch was peaceful enough with me reading and the neighbors dog yelping at us (by this time I almost borrowed Anderson's Christmas present to take care of Fido)  I offered to let everyone stay outside while I tried to finish unpacking from the morning and I went in to start to work.  That is when Reagan fell off of her scooter once and then again-scraping her arm and knee (tearing a hole in her only pair of non holed pants.  
  • Soon I brought everyone inside and we were going to start on Anderson's giraffe snack for tomorrow.  I had an easy snack planned in my head and he would have none of that-wanted sugar cookies.  I obliged and made him some while they were watching a movie.  
  • Keaton was exhausted and fussed and fussed until I finally put her down for a nap early.  Then I tried to get Whitman to rest but he would not-absolutely would not.  After a while, I tried to hold him thinking the tired boy would go to sleep but that didn't work.  Finally, I just moved his bed into my room so he could hang out with the others and watch some tv.  He was happy in there for a long, long time and they would throw him some different toys occasionally.
  • When the kids finished their movies, I had them do a few chores and then asked them to do a few boxes of school work.  I am hoping to do something fun-ish for school Friday and needed them to get ahead. Reagan did fine, Anderson did fine but Graham completely fell apart-chair tipping over, dropping everything, crying apart.  All because I asked him to do 3 boxes of school work-goodness, gracious!
  • I finished getting supper, combing hair and making sure that socks were on and soon it was time for us to head to church.  Robby was able to run to the store for us and was home a bit later which pushed us back a bit to get to church-especially since I had to run into the library to pick up a few books for us.
  • Church was fine and we even overheard a teacher say "I had said that the person that participates and behaves the best will get to be line leader.  Graham come be line leader."  Whoop, whoop!  Made this momma proud.
  • Once at home, the kids put on their pjs and had a snack before bed.  I think it will take us all a few days to get back on our regular schedule.  They are all still pretty tired from their trip as are we.  Tomorrow is a big day-school for Campbell, homeschool friends coming over and out to Beebee's place to celebrate her birthday.   

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