January 19, 2014

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  • Sunday morning and since Whitman still had his runny nose and since we even game him some tylenol last night (might have been a tad bit warm-not really sure) we decided to keep him home.  We didn't have nursery today so I was the one who stayed home with sickly.  
  • I tried to pull my weight this morning and helped everyone get ready, pass out breakfast and do everyone's hair while Robby got ready.  Breakfast was left over doughnuts this morning.  Keaton didn't eat all of hers (actually ate about 2 bites) and then she put her leftovers in the fridge.  She barely got them in the door so when I found them, there were 2 squished doughnuts on her plate.  And my Campbell said that she didn't want any at all and asked for cereal.  That never happens and I actually expected her to end up sick later today but I guess she just wanted cereal.  
  • The others left for church and Whitman and I were just left in an empty house.  Hmm, what to do-I was supposed to be working on that school room closet but Whitman asked me to take a nap with him.  Ha!  I wished that boy would have said that instead he was a perfect child who watching me while in his exersaucer.  
  • I did quite well with my closet but still have a ways to go.  Whitman would look at each new things that I handed to him and then throw it down.  Finally, he started laying his head down so I took him to bed for a few minutes.  I continued working but was a bit lonely in a quiet house all by myself!  
  • I was the first one at Nonna and Pops house for lunch (I did remember Whitman) and soon the others showed up.  They had all had a good time at church.  And were ready to play as soon as they walked in the door.  Lunch was good and dessert was even better.  After lunch, Graham played some on the piano-the day is coming soon when some of these kiddos are going to want to take some type of music lessons.
  • Back at home, the boys had thought about playing basketball this afternoon but we talked them out of it since outside meant showers before church tonight.  We did promise them that there would be plenty of basketball tomorrow.  So they watched their movies this afternoon and Robby and I took a nap along with the little ones.  
  • At 4, my phone buzzed so I quickly got ready and ushered everyone awake to choir.  Stellar mom that I am, we worked on their hymns on the way to choir.  Campbell stayed with me during choir while I chatted and cut out stuff for our photo book.  
  • Back at home, Robby, Whitman and Keaton were in the bonus room and we joined them.  I finally brought supper upstairs and we ate away.  While eating, Robby asked the kids what their favorite part of the day was.  Reagan answered watching movies.  Anderson said that his favorite part of the day was reading God's word.  Robby and I just looked at each other and grinned-that child answering with his church answer.  
  • We had ice cream upstairs and played around before coming down.  The kids put on their pajamas and I read a few books before sending everyone to bed.  Pretty perfect day.

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