January 5, 2013-Happy Birthday Me (celebration 2)

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Celebrating at Nonna and Pops!
  • Apparently waking up at 3 is the cool thing to do around here.  When Reagan wakes up in the middle of the night, she is vicious and a bit scary.  Who knows what was going on last night because we forgot to turn our monitor on.  Robby woke up and could hear Reagan yelling at someone and he them met Campbell in the hallway as he was heading upstairs.  Campbell told Robby that she had to tell me something and she did-"how much longer until wake up time?" was her question.  
  • Robby calmed everyone down and was back downstairs when I had to go back upstairs to give Campbell and Keaton water.  One of them continued to cough and I couldn't tell who it was so they both received some water.  Finally, everyone calmed back down for a bit-soon Whitman was fussing.  I changed him and gave him some milk and he was back asleep.
  • This morning, Robby dressed everyone while I got myself ready.  Then the kids had breakfast while they watched a movie.  Soon we were heading out the door a bit early so we would have time for Robby to drop us off due to the rain.  
  • Church was fine-my Campbell acted up when it was time to go to her class and she did when it was time to leave as well.  I am going to work on a plan for that child while I am on my trip-she is giving us as many problems as sweet Graham did last year.  Wonder if it is her age?  
  • We were in Whitman's class for worship care-he was the only boy in there.  And when some of the girls started crying, my Whitman just stared at them.  They said that during Sunday school he kept crawling to the door trying to leave-smart boy!
  • My birthday was again celebrated today at Nonna's house.  She made lunch for us and a cake for me.  Then I opened a few more birthday presents before we headed home.  We were trying to beat the crazy cold weather and it is cold, cold!  I probably should have let the kids freeze some water outside or some type of sciency thing.
  • Some napped, some watched a movie and some did both this afternoon.  Then we worked on going through some clothes that my aunt had sent us.  Reagan was all into trying stuff on and so was Keaton.  Keaton though wanted to have at least 2 shirts on at all times and would grab anyone's clothes to put on.  We finally sorted everything and then put everything where it belongs just as Robby was dishing out supper.
  • The kids had supper and then ice cream truck.  We then made them go upstairs and play-and play they did.  Everyone played happily for at least an hour.  We then rewarded them with a Let's Make a Deal movie before bed.

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