January 1, 2014

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Nothing like Coca-Cola and ice cream for breakfast!

  • Let's see where we left off last night, oh yes, we had started watching the second movie.  Campbell fell asleep during that movie and I just drug her and her sleeping bag under the table since that is where she wanted to sleep.  My Keaton didn't go to sleep at all during the movie.  She was up until we turned it off and turned on the mess on live tv.  That was my cue to tuck Keaton in her little spot and she was soon sound asleep-just 4 hours after her normal bedtime.
  • Reagan, Anderson and Graham had never seen the ball drop and had lots of questions about it.  They watched the ball drop and avoided kisses from me and then it was lights out for everyone.  I think that everyone was asleep by the time I laid myself down.  I did make sure that the tooth fairy came to leave Reagan a crisp new dollar.
  • Sometime during the middle of the night, I heard Keaton moving around.  I got down and laid by her and the child was so warm and was even coughing some.  I thought that I had her almost back to sleep so I climbed back on my side of the couch.  Soon I could hear her sniffing.  I asked her if she wanted to come and lay by me and she was on the couch with me in a heartbeat.  Then she laid down and just wiped and wiped her eyes-she was really upset down on the floor.  
  • The poor thing was pretty warm and could have just been cozy, sleepy warm but her cough was starting to concern me.  She coughed and coughed almost enough that I was about to move her and me down to my bed.  But the little sweetheart, every single time she coughed she would cover her little mouth.
  • It was well into the morning, when Robby was the first one to stir.  He went downstairs and came back with Whitman.  Of course the baby, crawling around to discover his brothers and sisters in every single part of the room, woke all of my sleeping Dennies up. 
  • We were pretty lazy this morning-there was a game of Race to the Treasure and checkers.  Soon I took Keaton and Whitman downstairs with me.  I had my shower and then Whitman had one with Robby-his days of showering with the others are just about over because he is so mobile now crawling, banging, pulling up.  Then Keaton and Campbell had showers too and by that time, the bonus room wsa just about straight and everyone else was almost ready.
  • We had lunch at Grannymom's house-Anderson donned his belt, handcuffs and Stetson cowboy hat.  Reagan asked him why he was dressed up and he said because he wanted to.  Why not dress as a cowboy whenever you can-those days will come to an end soon enough.  The kids have now taken over Grannymom's dining room table relegating the adults to crowd around the little table in the kitchen.  Oh, well, I did have my seat in with the kids since I was feeding Whitman.  I guess that Graham was holding my place in the adult table because he wanted to sit in there today-he was abnormally calm this morning-probably exhausted.
  • My kids and Lilly and Cash spend the afternoon playing cops and robbers and had a blast.  Soon Robby stuck his head out the door and said "bye."  He said that he could just see Reagan's face fall as she dutifully headed up the deck stairs to leave.  He then explained to her delight that the kids were not leaving but Robby and I were leaving to go and see a movie.  Grannymom and Grandpa really enjoyed Saving Mr. Banks and volunteered to keep the kids while we went to see it.
  • The movie was good and the kids loved us being gone.  They even walked to Lilly and Cash's house to play.  Actually when we picked them up, Keaton told me "I go to Dana."  I told her that I heard she went to Dana's house to play and she corrected me saying "I go to Dana now."  Apparently, she didn't really want to go home with me!
  • Once at home, the kids had showers and then supper.  And since Robby nor I had seen Mary Poppins which is what our movie was the precursor too, we watched that tonight.  Whitman slept through most of it and Campbell snoozed with her daddy during over half of it as well.  Personally, I think that Mary Poppins is a pretty strange little movie-maybe I will have to read the books or something.  
  • By the end of the 2 hour movie, the kids were pretty restless but it was bedtime so everyone was sent to bed.  Tomorrow is a pretty big day-2 kids going for playdates, school for all and who knows what else the day will bring!  Today though was a pretty excellent start to the New Year!

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