January 23, 2014

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Hair net kind of day!

  • The girls (Campbell, Reagan and Kennedy) were up earlier than usual this morning.  Robby tried to call Campbell down over the monitor but she never heard him so us and the boys slept on.  We did get up and start to get the day started.
  • Robby made cinnamon rolls for everyone and soon he was leaving with Campbell, Keaton and Whitman to take Campbell to school.  We had been fairly quiet about where the rest of us were going but when Campbell found out she started crying.  Even though she has been to the rice depot before, she doesn't really know what we do there but she was really upset about not getting to go.  That little girl cried out "I wanted to see Eden."  Made me so sad but she really enjoys school and she wouldn't have been that great of help at the rice depot.  (And you should see how well that girl can write her name-she can't name the letters but she can write it-that just amazes me.)
  • After we had breakfast, I did a few things here and there in the house and then we loaded up.  I must have done a bit too much because we were a bit late getting there today.  Last night I had sent a few text making sure that Candice would be there tomorrow and be there on time so I wouldn't have to go to the rice depot all alone (like last time) and of course I was late!  
  • That was fine though and we were all soon hard at work filling boxes with bags of pasta.  When the bags of pasta were all in boxes, then we had to re wash our hands and don hair nets.  So fun!  Then there was a huge box of pasta that we had to scoop into zip lock bags to finish filling the bags with.  
  • The kids did really well at this task-not much pasta ended up on the floor and they stuck with it until the box was empty.  We had 4 giant scoops and the kids worked in pairs one pouring noodles and one bagging noodles with Sara and I closing and checking the bags and Candice working with 2 other kids in filling the boxes.  I was hit in the head once with a scoop but that was the only injury reported (not really-yes hit in the head but not an injury)
  • When our box was empty, we left to meet Jodee to drop off Kennedy and then headed home to meet Nonna and Pops who had picked up Campbell and brought lunch to our house.  The kids were happy to have Nonna's lunch and they ate up.  Pops also brought cheese dip for the big people and were ate it up too.  
  • After they left, the kids played for a bit and then we all loaded up to go to the new gas station-yep, that is the kind of people that we are-loading up 6 kids to get gas and see a new gas station-crazy people.  It was the highlight of our day-not really but it was a fun diversion to start out afternoon.
  • Of course when we made it home, 3 of the kiddos were asleep but since Robby was home he was able to help me haul them into the house.  Campbell did wake up and so did Keaton but I was at least able to get Keaton to stay in her room for a bit before joining the others.  My sweet, happy and now healthy Whitman slept like an angel.
  • This afternoon I did some laundry folding and found a box of candy in my pile of clean clothes.  That was a fun surprise from Robby.  I do most of the folding and putting away of the laundry and Robby is the one that puts it in the washer and dryer.  He asked tonight if sometimes I ever felt like we worked at a laundromat.
  • The afternoon passed quickly-well until 4 and then the kids went on a crazy streak.  Soon though supper was on the table and then we had the kids help make cookies for tonight and key lime pie.  Yep, we were busy cooking-the pie was our souvenir from our trip and the cookies were our evening snack.
  • Robby had a phone call so I was by myself during shower time.  The kids all ran to our bathroom and the little shower ahead of me and someone had turned on the big shower getting it ready.  I walked by it holding Whitman not thinking anything about the door being open but 5 seconds later after setting Whitman down I walked back by that shower and saw my baby boy crawling around fully clothed inside of it.  I did what any good mom does-check the temperature of the water, close the door and run and get my camera.  
  • The kids really do have the showering thing down and were all ready to watch Let's Make a Deal in no time.  Whitman made it about half way through and then he was ready to go to bed.  The others were staying awake until they had their cookies before teeth brushing and bed time.  It was a pretty awesome day.  

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