January 2, 2014

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Big brother, Little brother.

  • So last night, we heard Keaton awake over the monitor so I went upstairs to calm her down.  Before I could say a word, she was standing up so I just brought her over to the bonus room.  When I sat down with her, Robby said that she was grinning from ear to ear knowing full well that she was getting to do something really special.  
  • My Keaton wouldn't have much to do with Robby so he upped the ante and asked if she wanted a lollipop.  She couldn't pass that up at all so she was downstairs sitting on the cabinet eating a lollipop at 10:30.  Keaton was coughing a bit so we thought that she would do best sleeping with me than back upstairs in her room.  Doesn't that sound sweet, sleeping in the same bed as a cozy little 2 year old?
  • It's not sweet at all!  That girl would toss and turn and about every 10 minutes she would raise one of her arms, bring it back down and slap me across the face-no matter where I was laying in the bed.  She probably didn't sleep that well either since I did let her fall off of the bed twice.  Ker plump! Waa! At least she didn't remember falling off of the bed this morning.
  • Whitman woke up around 6:30 and I continued my awesome parenting skills.  His pajamas were wet so I just changed his diapers and took his pjs off of him and put him back in bed.  It was warm-ish in his room and he went right back to sleep.  He was fine because his little toes were perfectly warm when he woke up much, much later.
  • Campbell needed help wiping at 7 upstairs so she joined us in my room.  Then the boys arrived and everyone kept asking where there daddy was.  I told them but always added that he was sleeping.  I said that but I was silently hoping that would all migrate up to the bonus room where he did sleep and they did!  I woke up around 8:30 and my few extra minutes of sleep were just wonderful.
  • When our morning finally started, we had breakfast and started on our school.  This was the last day of light school-I hope! The kids were a bit crazy all day long-or maybe Robby and I were the ones going crazy!
  • Reagan was spending the night with Kennedy tonight and she really wanted to bring her rainbow loom-but it was cracked when we opened it and broke when we worked on a big bracelet.  I wrote the company and apparently we unkowlingly bought a fake (Amazon fail).  No worries it wasn't much money and amazon should reimburse us.  But Reagan really wanted to take hers today-so Robby took the little girls to go and look for one.  They looked at 3 different stores and had no luck.  Reagan wasn't too disappointed and a new loom is arriving in the mail tomorrow.
  • Reagan left for Kennedys and Graham soon left to play with Will for a bit.  Graham must have played hard because he crashed pretty soon when he went to bed.  They played with a remote control car, played a video game and even had ice cream.  
  • The rest of the kids watched a movie, helped me pull out school work for January and ate supper.  We had a pretty relaxing evening.  Anderson did play Mastermind with Robby a few times and then we all watched some of the football game.
  • Campbell is sleeping in Reagan's bed tonight-hopefully she will remember that is where she is sleeping.  And Keaton really wanted to sleep in Campbell's top bunk but after falling out of bed twice last night-that is just not an option!

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