January 25, 2014

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Monster Jam Night!

  • At 6:45 this morning, Robby and I woke to the sound of the boys running around upstairs.  From our bedroom, it sounded like three 400 pound men were playing chase up there.  Campbell laid in bed with us for a second and then she migrated upstairs.  (Oh yes, Campbell ended up downstairs with us last night after the girls had gone to bed in the bonus room. I think Reagan scared her on purpose so she would come downstairs) Then Keaton cuddled for a minute this morning and she was soon upstairs.  
  • At 6:59, I heard Anderson shouting "one more minute and then we can go downstairs."  I quickly met him at the steps asking why he needed to go downstairs.  After I asked him this, he decided that they could stay upstairs-which meant that we could stay in bed.  
  • Soon Lilly and Reagan joined the others upstairs and Whitman finally woke up.  He would love to have gone upstairs with all of the excitement.  That little thing spent the whole day sticking things into his mouth.  I have called his name so many times that when I call his name, he hurries to stick whatever he has found into his mouth and then crawls away from me as fast as he can.  
  • Robby and I stayed in bed as long as we could.  We would get up every little bit to do something and then hurry back to bed so the kids wouldn't think we were up.  And if we heard anyone nearby, we would lay incredibly still so they would think we were sleeping.  
  • Soon we did finally decide that they needed breakfast and passed out the leftover doughnuts from last night.  I cut them in halves so there would be a few less disagreements over who got what doughnut.  As soon as I could pass out the first round of halves, the boys had finished theirs and were waiting for more.  We did that about 3 times before the box of doughnuts were gone.
  • The kids played inside all morning long but when Dana came to pick up Lilly and Cash we were surprised about how pretty it was outside.  So as soon as they left, we put on our coats and headed out for a walk.  The weather was great and the kids loved being outside.
  • I quickly made lunch for everyone to eat outside.  The kids parked their bikes around the patio and ate.  Reagan gobbled her lunch up because we were soon out the door for Alyssa Kate's birthday party.  We waved goodbye to everyone and were on our way to the party.
  • The party was at the climbing center and Reagan had a blast.  She was able to climb to the top of almost every wall that she tried.  That child climbed so much that her little cheeks were rosy red by cake and present time.  
  • Back at home, the others played outside until they needed showers.  So Robby did that and then they all relaxed while we were at the party.  Whitman took a short nap and Keaton took no nap much to Robby's dismay.
  • As soon as we came home from the party, it was time for everyone to put on clothes and before long we were all leaving again.  Robby, Reagan, Anderson and Graham headed to the monster truck show. Those boys and even Reagan were so excited about this.  Robby packed everyone a baggie of snacks, plus glow sticks and of course those ear plugs.  
  • Meanwhile, I took Campbell, Keaton and Whitman with me.  We went to Savers first and picked up some pants for Reagan (I hope they fit).  Then Campbell saw some football cards and asked to buy them for the boys so of course I did and I even took her to find herself and Keaton a book.  We could have gone home then and they would have been happy.
  • Then we went to chick fil a.  The girls were perfect eating and taking care of each other while playing on the slide.  They played until I think they were pretty tired-or it may have been their tummys were so full that they couldn't play anymore.  Those girls polished off their entire kids meal and then moved on to their ice cream.
  • When we came home, they even wanted a snack.  I then put Whitman to bed and then Keaton went to bed which left only Campbell up.  I told her that she could stay up for a bit longer so she laid in bed with me and chose to watch the turtle man on tv.  So we watched him catch a skunk-good mom and daughter bonding tv.

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