January 21, 2014

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Ferris wheel builder!
  • What do they say - three times and it's a habit or maybe it's 30 days...but oh well, we did start school by 8:00 for the second day in a row.  Makes all the difference.
  • Well, first we had to get Robby and Campbell out the door for school.  Never a problem because Campbell loves going to schools. She's my social butterfly.  Plus, she was hoping Grannymom was going to pick her up.
  • Meanwhile, breakfast was finished in the kitchen and we were underway with school in no time.  We had finished everything (except science) by 10:30. Oh, if you see the pictures, you will notice the school room closet has been completed.  A few days ago I couldn't walk the length of the closet and Graham had taped a "Do Not Enter" sign.  I finished it up today and quite pleased with the difference!
  • After wrapping up school and eating a bite of lunch, it was time to open some new toys from Christmas. (Yes, we still have a few).  Today's turn was Anderson and he opened his K'nex.  The directions weren't the best but a bit easier to work with legos.  Soon everyone was helping build part of a Ferris wheel and it come together quite nice.  Everyone enjoyed spinning it around. Reagan also made a snowman out them and Graham invented some type of car with wheels.
  • The little ones took a nap and the big kids had their turn picking out movies and resting a bit.  Keaton was up by 4:15 and Whitman woke up a bit before Robby and Campbell got home.
  • Campbell had a good day at school - too cold she said to go outside to play so they played some sort of game with a beach ball in Ms. Hannah's class. She reported that Lilly and Cash were there for a little while but had to leave early to go to the dentist.  She said she was glad she didn't have to go to the dentist today. (The doctor was plenty for her this week.)
  • I had supper ready for the kids because I was getting out of dodge. (Well, actually I was headed to Bunko)  Robby finished his supper while I left and the kids went upstairs to play with their legos.  He had promised some of their candy for dessert while they watched Let's Make a Deal.
  • Sounds like everyone enjoyed LMAD as usual but were disappointed the girl didn't win the Big Deal of the Day.  Everyone brushed their teeth and headed to bed by 8:15. 

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