January 18, 2014

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Doughnut Day

  • Even though we did pick up those legos in the toy room last night, the kids didn't stop there this morning on their way to our bedroom.  All of the kids ended up in our room and at least 4 were in my bed-pretty perfect way to start a Saturday morning.  
  • After breakfast the kids did play perfectly this morning upstairs in that clean toy room.  Of course, 6 kids happily playing (some downstairs and most upstairs) makes a crazy mess.  That toy room was trashed as well as the rest of the house.  Robby and I got ready and tried to pick up some. He did notice my closet in the school room-it has gotten a bit out of control in there.  Actually, so bad that Graham wrote a note and hung it on the door saying "The closet is a mess."  
  • So our mission on our morning shopping excursion was to find shelves for the closet along with Sunday pants for one of the boys as well as new pillows for the bed.  The kids begged to stay and play-it always seems like they are playing happily when we have to disturb them for something-like errands today.
  • The first stop was Walmart and we did find the shelves and pants but no pillows.  Then Jason had given the kids Krispy Kreme coupons and they were so excited to use them-so were we.  We all had doughnuts and my little sick Whitman sure enjoyed pieces of his doughnut.  He even kept reaching for Keaton's doughnut.
  • Then I ran into Bed, Bath and Beyond to check on those elusive pillows but they are 20 dollars cheaper online so I just found some Christmas wrapping paper.  The initial plan was for me to run in to the grocery store but by the time Robby and I had both added things to the list, I wouldn't be able to "run" into the store quickly.  So we all went in.  Robby and I did split up occasionally to make the trip go quicker-thankfully, as we both ran through the store in our separate ways we didn't buy the same things and we crossed everything off of our list.
  • Back at home, the boys (the 2 big ones and the grown up one) all ran into the house to watch the rest of the razorback game.  They were all pretty bummed after the game but I wasn't because I had put up the groceries and started on that closet.
  • Soon Robby had put together both of my new shelves and I was really moving on that closet.  I might even have it finished by the end of the week!  Ha!  Then Grannymom and Grandpa came over for supper-Robby had made some of his award winning chili and I had made some of my non award winning brownies.  
  • The kids were pretty happy to see Grannymom and Grandpa-I think they are in grandparent withdrawal stages.  After they left, we picked up a tiny bit and then it was bedtime for everyone.  My Keaton was rowdy but she eventually settled down and I hope that everyone else did the same-we haven't heard them on the monitor yet!  

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