January 26, 2014

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Ice Cream Truck!

  • Sunday morning doughnuts are how we started our day.  Yes, that is doughnuts three days in a row around here (it makes it a bit better that today's doughnuts were only the powdered ones and not Krispy Kreme and please don't ask us about how our new year's resolutions are coming either)  The kids don't seem to care what type of doughnuts it is.  Reagan did ask for cereal-that is her new favorite thing in the mornings. 
  • The kids were good in church this morning (and this evening-tonight when church went a bit long, both boys noticed the clock and said "isn't this supposed to be over now?")  Robby and I ended up in two separate classes for worship care.  My class just has Whitman and then a last minute (30 minutes late) addition-both boys were super tired so I immediately put them in the swings and quietly stood behind them and waited.  In 5 minutes, both boys were sound asleep-maybe I should get our swing back out.  
  • We had lunch at Grannymom's house and the kids were happy to be reunited with their cousins whom they hadn't seen in 24 hours.  As soon as supper was over they all headed outside.  My Whitman was too full to play much-his baby food, some bread, au gratin potatoes and not one but two bowls of ice cream.  I gave him the last bite of his first bowl and set it down and he started to cry.
  • And I guess that his tummy was too full to nap when we came home.  He fussed most of the afternoon in his bed and Keaton talked and talked in her bed until I got her up.  One or both of those poor babies have fallen asleep every time we have been in the car today-on the way to church, on the way to Grannymom's house, on the way home, on the way back to church and on the way home.  Graham and Campbell have also fallen asleep twice in the car today too.  I think my crew all needs a long nap!
  • The highlight of the afternoon was Keaton.  She was apparently looking around in the mudroom and found Robby's keys.  I guess the bright red button caught her attention and she pushed it.  That set off Robby's car alarm-it echoed throughout the garage, shaking the bonus room and mud room.  By the time I made it downstairs, Keaton was holding those keys, eyes wide, pushing every button that she could.  Poor thing, she was pretty startled by all of this!
  • Back to church we soon went-choir for 3 kids, class for some and cookie club for others.  Then we went to church tonight.  The preacher man was a guest and a pretty fast talker-Reagan had two observations: he talks fast and I can keep up and he read every word just like in my Bible.
  • When we made it home, the kids quickly put on their pajamas and then cleaned the toy room a bit before eating their ice cream.  Reagan passed on her ice cream-she usually doesn't eat all of hers but tonight she didn't want any.  I think she was too busy playing upstairs to want to come down-I so love to see her still play with her doll house.  It was another good day...oh, yes, speaking of good-tonight, during church hearing my 3 oldest kids sing and worship was the very best part of my day.

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