January 11, 2014-Key West

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Last night I had noticed the ceiling of the bathroom. It had big bubbles in it and I had thought to myself that that would be the result if Robby or I were to ever try to re-do some of the ceilings in our house. In the middle of the night, Robby woke me up to tell me that the ceiling in the bathroom was leaking.  He said that it was a constant drip and said that we might even have to change rooms.  I was sleeping pretty good during this conversation and imagined a half of the bathroom ceiling in the floor so I was a bit surprised this morning when I went into the bathroom and there was just a towel drying water and a trash can catching the water.  We didn't say anything about the drip because we sure didn't want to leave our pretty perfect room.  

We started off this morning like we always wanted to at home-sleeping late!  We woke up a few times and then just rolled over.  We did watch a bit of tv and then finally decided that we should drag ourselves out of bed to go and see the town.  Oh, but first I did heat up our pastries that we bought last night for breakfast.  

Our first stop this morning was about 3 blocks from our hotel-the southernmost point in the continental US. There was a bit of a line for pictures and Robby asked the couple behind us to take our picture.  She tried and tried and Robby tried to re-explain how to do it ("look through here, push this button.")  Finally she thought she had taken one and we smiled and said thank you and walked off.  Of course, she didn't really get one at all.

We just walked to a nearby gift shop to look around for a minute so we could give that couple time to leave so we could get back into the line to take a picture.  This time the line was much longer but it was in the shade so we didn't mind.  We really did want a picture together so Robby did ask the person behind us again hoping for better results.  Um, nope!  This man tried and tried and Robby tried to re-explain how to do it ("look through here, push this button.")  So the man tried again and thankfully we did get some type of picture.

Our next stop was the public beach that was right near our hotel as well.  We had read that there were few public beaches here and many beaches were rocky.  We even had on our bathing suits for the beach but were quite surprised to see that this beach was about 100 feet long (oh, maybe longer than that!)  It was pretty crowded so we just walked along the dock for a bit.  Then we headed back to the hotel pool.

The pool must have been heated because it was a perfect temperature.  We swam for a bit enjoying the beautiful weather.  We only had one towel so we sat outside for awhile to dry off.  Robby forgot his hat on this trip (actually he wasn't the only one unprepared-I forgot trash bags, a bag to carry our stuff to and from the hotel and one other thing that I can't remember right now)  So he had our towel laid over his head so he wouldn't get sunburned as we sat in the sun drying.

Back in the room we changed and then Robby got side tracked finding our attractions for tomorrow and I got sidetracked watching a marathon of House Hunters.  Soon enough though we were back out walking down the street on our way to our next stop.  

It wasn't too far to the Hemingway house where he lived while here and to see the Key West light house.  The light house was moved 4 blocks inland when once damaged by a hurricane.  They had the coolest statues around the light house-statues of people in fancy clothes dancing, statues of little kids-they were just really neat. 

Now then we walked and walked and walked on our way to Truman's Little White House where he spent lots of time in Key West while president.  On our way there, we walked through a beautiful neighborhood and then walked near a state park.  We finally found the Truman Little White House and walked around the gift shop and the grounds for a bit.  They were having a huge fancy dinner on the grounds and we really enjoyed watching the 20+ people rushing around getting ready for that dinner.  

Next up was walking down the the pier where a huge cruise ship was docked.  We were nearby when a couple rushed on to the ship-the onlookers from the ship's balconies clapped and the workers quickly shut the boat door as they boarded.  We watched for awhile and then were further down the boardwalk when we heard the ship toot and stopped to watch it scoot away.  Pretty neat to see.

Then we walked back down Duvall street, stopping at a few gift shops and then stopping to have some chocolate covered key lime pie on a stick.  My Anderson would have really loved this but it was tart, tart with key lime and dark chocolate.  Our next stop was a few more blocks down the street at Circle K for a drink. And then back near our hotel, we grabbed sandwiches at a little local convenience store.  We ate on their deck and watched people walk up and down the street.  I think that we could have watched the folks all evening long.

Soon though we headed back to our room to check on the kids and pack up a bit before leaving Key West in the morning.   

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