January 24, 2014

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Winter fashionista!

  • Sometime in the middle of the night, Graham came into our room and said he couldn't sleep.  I thought it was much later than the 2 that it really was and told him to climb in bed with us.  About 5, I woke up and couldn't find the child that was in bed with us.  My searching around the bed woke Robby up and I asked "I can't find Campbell."  Robby said "you mean Graham" but who ever it was, they weren't in the floor of my room or under my bed.  I was about to head upstairs to find the missing child but Robby who was heading to the bathroom found Graham in there.
  • After all of that we did manage to go back to sleep but this time, I put Graham in the middle-I do not like being sandwiched in the middle of the bed.  But we all slept surprisingly well-or at least I did, I don't know about poor Robby on the edge!
  • Today was school morning and we hadn't had school since Tuesday so it was a bit harder to get back into the swing of things.  Anderson, as usual, spent a good while in the bathroom.  Campbell caused quite a few of Keaton's meltdowns and had a few herself (those girls can play wonderfully or horribly together)  Graham did fine and has worked hard lately so he can finish and then sneak off to play on his kindle some.  Whitman loves school time-lots of things to eat on the floor but that means that he has to spend a lot of time in his exersaucer or in his bed.  Reagan is my rock during school-she does her work mostly quietly with little complaints.
  • Speaking of complaints, my Anderson is pretty literal and any creative thinking is tough for him.  He had a worksheet that had a story and then asked him to write a few sentences about what would happen next.  My sweet Anderson, asked me to help him read the paragraph.  I said no and he told me that he wasn't going to read it.  I explained that was fine and he could make his own choice about finishing his sheet.  I then urged him to think of what the consequences would be if he did this.  After a bit of thinking, he made the right choice to finish his worksheet. 
  • We ate lunch a bit after 12 and then I finally let the kids go their own way and start playing.  Once today, I thought that I would have to go to the attic to get something so I asked the boys to watch Whitman.  I went upstairs and returned to find Whitman all alone-those silly boys! 
  • Continually through out the afternoon, the kids would come and find me to ask what the time was.  They weren't waiting on Robby, they were waiting on Lilly and Cash to come over tonight.  As soon as they made it in the door, the kids were off playing away.  
  • We worked on supper as the kids went outside.  Um, okay, it was 20 degrees outside but they went out twice.  Robby spotted poor Keaton outside once without a coat and wearing Reagan's sandals-she at least had socks on.  No worries, though no one ended up with frost bite.  
  • Last night, we let Reagan suggest what she wanted for supper and she said nachos so we ran with that idea and had nachos and the fixings tonight.  The kids mainly just ate chips and cheese but they were happy and soon enough their tummys were full of doughnuts.  
  • We let everyone play while Robby and I put our new bedspread on our bed (our other one wasn't that old but it was huge, huge, huge-my ikea purchases aren't always winners though most of the time they are)
  • After picking up, we loaded up and headed to Krispy Kreme.  The kids were so excited to pick out their own doughnuts and that was the first time that I have had them all quiet today.  Of course, with our kids plus Lilly and Cash, we did draw quite a few stares.  But even I got tickled watching them all scurry into the van to get out of the freezing weather-like watching a clown car load up.
  • Back at home, pajamas were put on and then we watched not one but two episodes of Let's Make a Deal.  Woo hoo, we are living it up here tonight.  The plans soon are to put these people to bed-wish us luck!

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