January 27, 2014

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Three of a kind!

  • Monday morning and Robby was up and out the door pretty early.  Though Whitman did wake up again at 6:30-don't like that habit.  When Robby left, I quickly got ready for the day (shower and then pajamas back on-love these days)  Then Whitman and I walked and walked around the empty house waiting on someone else to wake up-we opened the blinds, started pulling out breakfast and straightened the school room.
  • Finally, Anderson and Graham came down the stairs.  They were still pretty tired but I passed out their breakfast and they ate as Whitman ate his breakfast-baby cereal and pieces of cheerios.  It was after 8, when I heard the girls talking upstairs.  I thought Keaton was wanting out of her bed but I was surprised to see Keaton and Campbell all laying with Reagan in her bed-I really should just walk around the house with my camera around my neck.
  • I sent Anderson to watch his math video first and then had Graham start on his phonics and math.  I had Reagan start her work with me while I cleaned the kitchen and continued feeding Whitman in his chair.  That left 4 kids quiet but I had forgotten to account for the other 2.  After a bit of wildness, I turned on a movie for Campbell and Keaton to watch.  Keaton did not want to watch what I had picked (it was educational-gasp!) so she spent a while in my lap.  By that time, we were listening to Graham read. 
  • Overall, the school day went fairly well-though Graham did have a pretty good meltdown when he started writing his letter to Beebee.  Lucky for him, we are going to write the same letter tomorrow and the next day and the next.  Those letters are for our read-a-thon that we are going to have to raise money for Bibles for Rwanda.  (So get your checkbooks out, blog readers)
  • Before I knew it, it was 12:30 and Whitman was still having his morning nap and we hadn't had lunch.  I ran upstairs to wake him up and grabbed 2 cans of ravioli on the way down.  My kids must have been hungry because we ended up eating 3 cans of ravioli.  Seriously, I am going to have to start growing my food or something.  What will I do when they are teenagers?
  • The kids played happily (seriously) most of the afternoon.  I let them play as long as they could before I started putting Whitman and Keaton down for their naps.  Keaton wasn't too excited about taking her nap but with an offer of milk she was good to go.  
  • Soon Robby was home and he walked in to find the kids and I all peacefully working on our own things in the school room.  I think he was surprised that we were all so quiet-hmm, it is pretty rare when it happens.  We had supper and then the kids went back upstairs to play (not as happily this time)
  • We did end our evening watching a Let's Make a Deal and then it was bedtime for all.  We did have to dope poor Graham up-he is getting a bit of a cough and his little voice is so hoarse...maybe he will talk a bit less tomorrow!

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