January 4, 2014-Happy Birthday Me (celebration 1)

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Let the birthday celebrations begin!!!

  • Sometime during the night, there was quite a bit of commotion happening upstairs-lots of screaming.  I hightailed it up there to find Keaton standing up and Campbell crying.  I am not really sure what had happened.  I think Reagan was yelling at Campbell to be quiet but Keaton was the one fussing and that upset Campbell.  Campbell was sobbing when I made it up there.  I tried to lay Keaton back down but she started an ugly cry so I grabbed her and then went to calm Campbell.  Finally, I got Campbell quiet and just left with Keaton.  Now my boys slept through every single bit of this.
  • I knew very well that I had no intentions of sleeping with Keaton this night.  So I stood her up in the hallway and asked if she wanted to sleep in her bed or in the floor of my room.  I made sure she understood that I meant the floor and that is what she picked.  After I made her a pallet (so glad I have a slew of blankets under my bed) she laid right down and never made a peep.
  • Graham was the first one up this morning and he sat on our bed playing his kindle.  Soon Whitman fussed and Robby asked him to go and talk to Whitman.  We thought that Graham might go in Whitman's room and sit beside his bed for a bit keeping them both quiet so we could snooze for a bit longer.  But in just a few minutes, I look up and see Graham bringing Whitman right to the bed.  Of course him stepping over Keaton woke her up and our bed was full.
  • Robby made breakfast as I started my last round of baby food making-pumpkin, squash and rice, sweet potatoes, carrots, green peas and green beans.  I didn't make that many so hopefully he will start eating other food soon-he just doesn't have his pincher grasp yet to start picking up things himself.  It will happen soon enough.
  • Breakfast was pigs in a blanket.  There was quite the discussion about why we were having "hot dogs" for breakfast.  We explained that it was sausage and not "hot dogs" but that didn't change Reagan's mind.  She feasted on the fruit while Graham ate a zillion of those "hot dogs."
  • The morning was pretty lazy for the kids (not so for me though since I was still baby food making, trying to start packing, getting clothes ready for tomorrow, laundry...)  Around lunch time everyone had baths-the boys in the bonus room, Reagan and Keaton upstairs and Campbell and Whitman downstairs.  We were reminded about how small our water heater in the main house is-it can fill about 1/2 of a bath tub up with hot water.  The rest is cold water-wonder what we would have done if we hadn't added on and included that tankless water heater.  
  • Keaton was tired as soon as lunch was over-well tired and hungry.  She was fussing so I passed her plate to her as soon as it was ready so she could start eating and I could get her to bed.  That girl ate half of her pimento cheese sandwich and asked for another one.  That is something that never happens-she usually doesn't eat any bread!  She must have been starving.
  • Whitman and Keaton had their naps and Campbell was soon in trouble and had to sit with us in the bonus room.  I had a nap for a few minutes and soon it was time to leave to go and see Beebee.
  • The kids were happy to draw on some notepads that she gave to them today while I worked on her address book.  She received a new one for Christmas and Nonna and I are working on transferring the old names over.  Pretty easy job since most of the numbers are old and many of the folks are dead (well, it is the truth!)
  • Next up was chili and apple dumplings at Grannymom's house to celebrate my 29th birthday (36 really)  After the meal we had presents which I enjoyed opening-the kids all sat in chairs to watch me open the presents.  We had time for the kids to play awhile so they were pretty happy kiddos when we loaded up for home.
  • At home, it was quickly bedtime as soon as all teeth were brushed.  Now I should probably find myself some type of pre-birthday celebration snack.

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