January 28, 2014

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Oldest & Youngest!

  • Campbell had to leave for school this morning during the slight dusting of snow.  I kept thinking that I should have sent the big kids out to catch snow flakes so we could look at them with a magnifying glass.  That sounds like a really good homeschool mom type thing to do, doesn't it?  But I'm just not that mom-we did look at them through the window and that should count for something.  
  • We did our school and Graham did much better today writing his letter.  That child is so surprising me with his reading.  He is really getting good and may just give Anderson a run for his money on reading-though I would never say that out loud to anyone.  (Anderson just needs more practice and is so distracted while doing everything, especially reading)  Back to Graham, he is one of those kids that most people would have suggested me to hold him back (if I would have asked or cared about their opinions) because of his birthday.  But he has really done well (at least I think) academically and I think that he is pretty mature at least out of the house where it counts. 
  • Our school day went a bit long today-probably because when we were all finished, I suggested we play a round, or actually a tournament of checkers.  Graham had never played before but did give Reagan a run for her money.  I beat Anderson (no, I didn't let him win) but he was not going to make his last move that would end up winning the game for me-that turkey would rather quit than lose.  And then I had to play Reagan who takes about 5 minutes between turns.
  • We had lunch late and then the kids played while Whitman followed me around.  Actually, he is usually nearby me and then I walk off to do something.  I then return and he is gone.  So I start calling his name while rushing to the steps just to double check that he isn't there (he can climb the first one).  Sometimes he will make a sound when he hears his name but usually not so I have to continue searching until I find him-usually in the bathroom, by the trash sack or in the school room looking in Campbell's bottom drawer.  This happens about ever 3 minutes of my day-maybe I should just carry him around all day long.
  • This afternoon the boys were looking out the window and saw what they thought was a woodpecker.  I just got a quick glance at it (and really wouldn't know what a woodpecker was if it pecked on my front door)  So we looked up one on the computer and sure enough, I think we really did see a woodpecker.  I'm not a huge bird fan but that was neat.  Before they cleared the lot behind us, Robby and I would occasionally hear an owl at night hooting-that was also pretty cool.
  • Now I did know that it was cold today but when the kids asked to go outside, I let them.  Keaton went upstairs with Anderson when he was getting ready.  Then they both went to get their shoes on together.  I heard him telling her that should could not wear her flip flops out.  Anderson was taking such good care of her.  
  • Reagan, Anderson, Graham and Keaton played outside for awhile.  Probably long enough to get a good case of frost bite.  Anderson came and asked for some water that they could set out to freeze.  So I gave him a bowl of water and a few minutes later, I saw him and Keaton sitting at the patio table watching the water....waiting on it to freeze.
  • Campbell and Robby were home soon bearing grapes for Keaton and supper for the rest of us.  Keaton has asked Robby to buy grapes every single time that he has left the house for the past week.  So grapes were his main priority when he entered the store tonight.  
  • He actually bought a rotisserie chicken for supper and the kids thought it was the best thing that they had ever put in their mouths.  Seriously, made me a bit sad that they had never eaten chicken that they thought was that good before.  After supper, we made cookies, had showers and then watched our show.  
  • During Let's Make a Deal, they gave away some designer shoes and purses and Anderson shouted "oh, there are the pumps."  Huh?  Who's child is that?  Pumps?  
  • Now that it is bedtime, I don't know who will go to sleep tonight first.  Campbell napped at Grannymom's house today so she might be a bit awake tonight even though she still really needs an afternoon nap every single day.  Keaton is pretty wound up tonight and even had to stay in the bonus room for a bit last night.  And my Graham still has his cough but I don't think he feels bad at all so that is good.

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