January 31, 2015

All Aboard the Dinner Train!

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  • Campbell was sleeping well in our room when at 7:03, Keaton ran into our room this morning and climbed into our bed.  I guess that her brothers were watching the clock and helped Keaton get out of her bed and escorted her downstairs. They headed to the living room so they could play on their kindles and Keaton laid quietly by us for a while.  
  • Around 8, Robby got out of bed and made breakfast.  Last week, there was bacon and sausage but this week we only had a bit of sausage left over.  But breakfast was still much better today because we splurged and bought the fancy biscuits and not the store brand biscuits.  Last week we had those store brand biscuits and this week when grocery shopping, Robby was willing to pay more for the real thing and it was worth it.  
  • On days when you do 6 loads of laundry before noon, you become very thankful for 2 washers and 2 dryers.  It was sheet day so I kept both washing machines working over time.  Campbell was a bit disappointed to see her pallet in our bedroom floor pulled up and thrown into the washing machine.  48 hours of no fever and a mild cough means that she is shipped back upstairs with the others.  
  • Robby ran to the grocery store this morning and even forgot his phone.  He did bump into Dana so he quickly called me to let me know.  When he made it home, I helped unload his groceries and then went to the library to pick up some books.  Before Christmas I turned in 3 books when their computer system was down and they didn't check them in.  Thankfully, I was able to find those books and take them to the front for them to check them back in for me.  The librarian was very apologetic but their mistake would have cost me 75 bucks for "losing" those books when they were the ones that lost them.  Now, I have lost books before (2 actually) and have had to pay for them and now I wonder if those books are somewhere in the library too. We do check out and turn back in at least 10 books a week so I guess it is worth taking the chance.  
  • On my way home, I picked up Reagan-she had even been out shopping with Nonna this morning. They didn't buy anything but they went to look at scrapbook stuff.  Reagan is all into her scrapbook and so enjoys putting pictures in it right now.  I think that is a pretty good hobby to have and hopefully she will still be into it around her birthday and Christmas.
  • We made it home in time to see the hogs lose their game and then the kids begged Robby until he finally pulled out our "new to us" Wii.  We have been using it as a bribe for the kids for at least a few weeks and finally we consented to opening it up.  The boys were practically beside themselves waiting for Robby to set it all up.  We played until it was time to load up and leave again.
  • This time Whitman was with us too-Grannymom and Grandpa had delivered him to us between Lilli and Cash's basketball games.  When we left tonight, Robby and I both drove our cars (both on empty) so we could fill up with super cheap gas.  We made it to the end of the street when Robby pulled over and turned around-to go home and get his phone.  I think I might just have to duct tape it to him.  
  • We bought our gas and then I dropped Reagan off at Alyssa Kate's birthday sleepover.  I then ran to Hobby Lobby and Michaels before heading home.  At home, there was more wii playing and some cooking getting ready for the football game tomorrow and then it was bedtime for my crew.  I don't know why we let them stay up until 9-then Robby and I had to finish picking up the kitchen.  And once we had the kitchen clean we remembered that we had planned on making rice krispy treats also tonight.  So it was late when we finally sat down!  We better get to bed quick because tomorrow will be an early morning. 

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