March 1, 2015

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Pigtails and Ice Cream!
  • On very few days do the kids sleep in a bit but when they do it always seems to be on a day that we have to get up and get ready to go somewhere.  It was after 8, when I quietly went into their room.  Keaton was the first to wake up and quickly climbed out of her bed and then Graham was up pretty quickly too. I told them that if they hurried downstairs they could lay by Robby for a minute before getting ready.
  • My Reagan was the last one to wake up and had to scurry around to get her clothes on this morning (as always!)  But we all did make it to church in plenty of time...plenty of time to eat lots of candy.  We went in a new door and the greeter passed out a piece of candy to the kids.  Then we found Nonna and Pops and his pocket was full of candy and then to Grannymom and Grandpa's side and there was more candy.  Maybe Robby or I should have been a dentist!
  • Anderson went to the Discover class today.  The kids were asked to bring a shoebox and there had been much debate over what was going in that shoebox-many things had been suggested-anything from his feelings to a bunny.  It was none of those but just a place to put all of his papers.  Sounds like it was a pretty neat class-they learned about tithing and even had their first Lord's Supper.
  • Lilli and Cash went to with us to Sunday school while Dana finished the marathon.  Then we all went to Grannymom's house for lunch.  My Keaton cleaned her plate and across the room, my Whitman didn't touch his and the others were all somewhere in between.  
  • At home, some napped and some didn't but all that didn't really matter because in no time at all, it was time to turn around and head back to church.  Tonight we had choir and the Barnabas Project meeting and then big church.  Campbell was pretty restless during church tonight (as usual on Sunday nights). 
  • Maybe she was just ready to get home so we could all have our ice cream truck.  The kids still love picking out their favorite treat-even though our ice cream selections are getting a big slim. Tomorrow is another busy day and Robby has mentioned to the kids that skating may be on Tuesday so he expects excellent behavior-we will see if that works!

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