June 30, 2016

Family Farm Family Day
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  • Today was the final day of Family Farm and I do believe that the girls would have slept through their last day of camp if I would have given them the option.  It took me a very long time to wake them up this morning and when I was finally able to quietly pull them out of their room, it was almost time to leave.  We made it though and the kids and Robby were able to leave in time to pick up Cash and then to church to drop of Graham and pick up the Pennington boys and then onto Holland Chapel.  Since this was Robby's day to work from him, he headed home and not to work which meant that his mileage for this morning was just 40 miles (we will need new tires because of this crazy week.)
  • Whitman woke up before Keaton this morning but I had already folded laundry and was working on making brownies when he knocked on his door.  He helped me finish the brownies and soon Robby was home and as I was talking to him, Keaton woke up and started to look for me.  They ate breakfast and then I played a game with Keaton thinking that after we spent some time together she wouldn't need to follow me around for the rest of the day-it did not work, she was still right behind me all day long.
  • I worked around the house, Robby did his work, work, Whitman played trains and watched movies and Keaton followed me for the rest of the morning.  During lunch, I read a few books to my little people and soon it was time to go and pick up the van.  Our big van had a few minor things wrong so Robby dropped it off yesterday but I had to have it this afternoon so finished or not, we picked it up around 2.
  • Then Keaton, Whitman and I headed to Malvern to see the end program of camp for this week.  We arrived early and walked up just as Cash was catching the largest fish I had ever seen.  The counselors were all even excited about his catch-the kids said that he caught "one eyed Jack."  Anderson was nearby Cash cheering him on as he reeled in his catch.  
  • We walked on and found Graham near the petting area.  Then we went a bit further and spotted Campbell's group leaving the rock wall area.  We never saw Reagan but we did walk towards the lake to watch the kids canoe and to see the zipliners fly over our heads.
  • Then it was time for the program-Whitman tried to be good but he is just couldn't.  He wanted to sit by Anderson and Cash but I had to get him twice since he was acting foolish.  After the program, I had to find everyone and did briefly loose Whitman (probably the most real time that I had lost him-he was just about 10 feet away from us in the petting area but still, imagine 250 kids, 75 parents and a host of buses around-my heart starts pounding again just thinking about it.)
  • Once I had retrieved everyone, I let them stay in the petting zoo for about 10 minutes and then we loaded up.  We stopped at a gas station in Bryant on the way home to buy drinks for everyone.  Ten kids in a gas station does draw a lot of stares!  We managed to fill 10 cups of icees, find lids and straws, pay and even leave the store without spilling a single drink-Success! 
  • Next up, we dropped off Cash and then took the Pennington boy's to their house.  Then we turned back around and headed home.  At this time, Camryn who was riding with us started to wonder why in the world she opted to ride with us and not the bus.  At home, we jumped out to change into swimsuits and then back in the car to finally arrive at the McGuires house.  If you were wondering, that trip was 110 miles for me!
  • Amber had lots of leftover hot dogs which we devoured and then the kids swam for a good while.  They were all pretty exhausted by the time we loaded up and headed home a bit after 9. Once at home, it was shower time and bed time-I am certainly hoping that the kids sleep for a good while tomorrow! 

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