January 31, 2018

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  • Bible study morning and my people were awake on time and were quickly dressed. Though, when I reminded everyone that chores needed to be done before Bible study, they all acted like they had never heard any of this. Everyone was agreeable and did start to work on their chores. Most all of this weeks chores are already accomplished so that is good. 
  • We left a few minutes later this morning but it really doesn't matter what time we leave for Bible study because we always seem to arrive at the same time. The kids all enjoy being first-now, Reagan may not enjoy it too much. Her class came into our opening time this morning to watch our video. She was the only one from her group the entire time. I guess she has a late arriving class.
  • After Bible study was over, we headed to the park. It was fairly warm outside so said the kids. Thankfully, I had my winter coat and happily wore it. This was our big kid swap day-the kids want to go home with someone every Wednesday or have someone come to our house so today, we had planned to all swap kiddos.
  • Keaton and Campbell left with Sara and Candice and I took my big 3 and Whitman along with Noah and Alyssa Kate home, They played laser tag and ran around outside for most of the afternoon. 
  • Whitman and I did some school work, and then he painted while I picked up. The others ate 3 huge bags of popcorn, and then watched some tv. Soon it was time for us to leave for church. I ran to the library on the way. 
  • It was friend night at church so the big guys ate there while Whitman had his supper on the way to church. Everyone had a good night and had lots of fun. When we made it home, Robby had cookies ready for everyone.
  • They all cycled through the shower before having a few minutes of down time before bed. Whitman had a bit too much of a smart mouth so he was sent to bed earlier than everyone else. Wednesdays seem to wear my crew out-I know that I am exhausted.

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