Septebmer 13, 2019-Happy 14th Birthday (Celebration) Reagan! (again)

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  • That silly alarm clock of mine keeps waking me up every morning! I did manage to roll out of bed around 7:49 this morning. Which isn't that impressive, but what is impressive is by 8:10, all of us were in my room with breakfast doing our reading for school. 
  • My Keaton folded all of the laundry while we were reading this morning. I didn't even ask her. I had worked with most everyone yesterday doing things that we have to do together like spelling or english so today was a bit lighter for me. I was able to empty the dishwasher, put away my laundry, pull out school for tomorrow and do some straightening all during school time. That was quite wonderful.
  • Anderson still took until after lunch. He even saved something for tomorrow. Whitman took until about 2 finish his work. Some days I have a bit more patience than others and will even try to help him finish. Today, I didn't have any so I just let him do it in his own time. Everytime I would walk in the room and say, "do you work." He would jump a foot high. That boy is in his own little world sometimes.
  • This afternoon we did some more reading (trying to finish science and one other book before February). There was also some reading with Whitman along with some potty cleaning and treamilling. 
  • Campbell, Keaton and I did spend some time this afternoon working on a little something for Disney. They had a blast helping me, and I am getting pretty excited. I even tried to buy some shirts online the other night, but am not so sure that is the best price, so Hobby Lobby I will have to go.
  • Tonight we celebrated Reagan's birthday at Nonna and Pops' house. They had pizza plus Nonna made a huge cake. Reagan, well everyone, enjoyed the sparkler candles. Reagan opened up quite a bit of loot and was super excited about everything that she had. 
  • Once we came home, the kids had their showers. We let them stay up fairly let since it is Friday night. Robby and I are actually just watching the news right now plus I ight be able to get a Property Brothers in before bedtime.

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