September 22, 2019-Happy Birthday Robby! (and Happy Birthday (celebration) Keaton!)

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  • Robby woek up singing this morning, and I guess that was good since it is his birthday. However, I was still in bed when his shower singing woke me up. That was fine though because my alarm didn't wake me up!
  • We didn't waste much time this morning getting ready because breakfast was donuts. We ate our donuts in the parking lot while Robby ran inside of McDonalds to get him a birthday breakfast burrito. 
  • Then it was to church to say hi to Nonna and Pops. Since Grannymom and Grandpa are gone, Keaton had to sit up front with us. Since we also had Cash with us, our row was just about full-I loved it.
  • After church, we had more donuts for Robby's birthday. The first graders sang Happy Birthday to him. When church was over, we rushed off to Nonna and Pops's house to eat lunch and celebrate Keaton and Robby's birthdays.
  • Nonna had them cake plus they had lots of presents. Robby opened pellets for his grill, spices for his grill and even some meat for his grill. Keaton was super thrilled with her gifts-legos, a light, clothes, a cup and quite a bit more. She was super thrilled with all of her gifts.
  • Graham was feeling a bit under the weather this afternoon. However, he was determined to play dodgeball tonight so I doped him up. He took a nap and a shower while we were gone and said that he felt much better.
  • Campbell helped me this afternoon by makng brownies and stiring my cheese dip. The rest of the kids vegged out this afternoon while Robby and I went to watch Reagan play her third soccer game. 
  • The team that they played today was a bit pushy. Her team did pretty good but still lost the game 3-1. They were super close quite a few times and worked together so, so well. Reagan always plays on the side opposite of us so we can barely see her. Though we did clearly see some parents almost have a fist fight during the game.
  • We rushed, and I mean rushed home. We did stop to get Reagan a Starbucks drink though. We came home around 5:05, left with everyone in two cars at 5:10 to go to the Heltz and then Robby left their house with a van load of middle schoolers at 5:15.
  • Anderson, Graham, Reagan, Ethan, Kennedy and Cash all went to Rock Creek tonight for their dodgeball tournament. They won their first game, but lost their second. The boys all had a hamburger and coke and stayed to watch the winners play.
  • Meanwhile, the rest of us were at the Heltz for our life group. The kids enjoyed playing outside, and Whitman really likes playing with the Ferguson boys. Robby had to run and get the dodgeballers, but they made it back in time for dessert.
  • Once we came home, everyone helped clean up the house and things are now ready for our Monday morning to begin. 

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