September 15, 2019

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  • I had suggested the girls going to bed at 2. When we heard them in the kitchen eating more pizza at 5, I also suggested them going to bed. They didn't but did go outside to watch the "sunset" as Reagan said. Bless, she may be 14, but she doesn't yet know the difference between a sunset and sunrise.
  • Surprisingly, everyone stirred very well. Campbell and Keaton were up very early. They dressed quickly and quietly and found their way up to the bonus room with the other girls. We wouldn't let them up there tonight, but this morning the girls were fair game.
  • We left a few minutes earlier than usual which was nice to not be hurried. Robby had cooke a big breakfast-chocolate chip pancakes. Breakfast for 17 kiddos is not an easy feat!
  • Also getting 17 kiddos to church is not an easy feat. We could have put my backseat in the car, but that seemed like a lot of work. Instead we just double buckled a few girls in my car, and Robby took his car as well.
  • I think Reagan would agree that she had another successful sleepover. I know that she is exhuasted and hopefully all of the girls stayed awake during church this morning.
  • We ate our Sunday lunch at Grannymom's house. She had hamburgers and all of the fixings along with some delicious peanut butter pie. We weren't able to stay too long because we had to hurry to get Reagan to her soccer game. This game was at Natural Steps again-thankfully.
  • It was hot, hot, hot out there today. Reagan did well even though her team lost. They just lost by a bit, and I believe that I heard that the team they played was undeafeted last year. As long as Reagan has fun is all that matters.
  • After the game, we hurried home so she could have a shower and Anderson could change into his swim suit because it was soon time for them to go to Lifegroup. They had a pool party tonight-and I think that they both enjoyed it.
  • Their Lifegroup was fairly short. By the time Robby and I dropped them off, bought hamburgers, got gas and came back home, there was just a few minutes until time to leave again. 
  • He went to pick them up while I worked on straightening an attic and wrapping some Christmas presents. You can never get too far ahead! 
  • Tonight as I was getting cake for some folks dessert, I noticed a trail of ants leading to my banana bread. There are a few places in my kitchen where the ants have not gotten so that is where I was keeping my banana bread. I guess they smelt it out though-2 and a half loaves in the trash can. Urgh! At least I had just eaten a supper yummy piece with cream cheese on top for my supper!
  • Robby spent most of the evening working on the dishwasher-where the ants seem to be hiding and it is also hard to close as well-and working on the fridge-doesn't drain so water freezes and then drips on floor. The kitchen will hopefully be in good working order when he has finished!
  • Tomorrow will be a busy day for us because Reagan has a nutrition center visit tomorrow which should last all of the day long!

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