September 29, 2019

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  • I was super relieved to hear my alarm clock this morning. Obviously, it meant that I had to wake up but it also meant that we had successfully slept through the night. With Keaton's little friends I am always concerned that someone won't make it through the night.
  • I had told them that they couldn't wake up until 7 and at 7, we heard them bounding down the stairs. We took that as a sign that we should get up and get moving. Even though we moved fairly quickly, we were still struggling to finish up in the kitchen when it was time to leave this morning.
  • Robby had made a big breakfast-biscuits, sausage, chocolate chip pancakes and gravy. So clean up did take a bit. It was a super delicious breakfast-we used to make waffles and pancakes more than we do now, but maybe we should start back.
  • We dropped off all of the girls at church. My people all headed to big church while I headed to the nursery. I stayed busy with a few fussy little ones so the hour passed by quickly. Then I rushed upstairs for my Sunday school class. Whitman was the only boy in our room today.
  • After church, we ran to get gas, and Robby picked up a pizza. We ate mostly at the gas station before heading to the soccer field in Benton.
  • This field had tons of bleachers so we were able to sit at the top which was in the shade. It was perfect even though we were pretty far away from the action. This was probably Reagan's best game yet. She has definitely improved. Her team won by 2 so it was a fun game to watch. Whitman enjoyed it because he found some little boys and played the entire game with them.
  • From there, we hurried home for about an hour. There was lots of cleaning and straightening. The kids helped some but by the time that Robby and I sat down, we had 10 minutes until we had to leave again.
  • Reagan and Anderson worked at the inflatables tonght and earned a little bit of money for their camps. It is always good to work. We had catfish for our supper, and it was pretty delicious. The kids enjoyed playing with their friends, and we stayed until it was almost dark.
  • At home, there were lots of showers before it was finally bedtime on Sunday night-the saddest part of the week!

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