September 20, 2019

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  • Last day of school for the week around here though my Anderson still has some work to finish tomorow. Things were kind of quiet around here this morning. Everyone quietly did their work, and soon we were eating our lunches. 
  • Whitman was so happy that he finished his work before noon today. It did help that he had a few easier things. However, I did make him do his math first so maybe that is the key. We shall see.
  • Robby helped everyone find their lunches. We are dealing with ants in the kitchen. We have been for quite awhile and have tried everything possible. Robby put out lots of food/poison for them last night so they were swarming everywhere in the kitchen today. Hopefully, that does the trick.
  • We ended up skipping our afternoon reading to meet the buddies at Third Realm. The kids enjoyed jumping, and I ran a few errands. I was able to mark a few things off of my ever growing list while I was out.
  • We then came home and I joined Robby sitting outside in our lawnchairs. I am not too sure what all he did while out there, but I snoozed! It was perfect napping weather.
  • We then loaded up and took the big boys to basketball. They played hard tonght while Robby and I went to eat and ran through Kroger to buy a few things.
  • After this we came home and heated up the kids suppers-chicken pot pie for Reagan and hot pockets for the others. Everyone did some Friday night vegging while Reagan made a yummy dessert for us!

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