September 5, 2019-Back to Michigan!

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We all slept incredibly well in our hotel room. I did wake up with a crick in my neck but that passed quickly. Robby and I were asleep well before 11 last night so having to wake up an extra hour early didn’t seem to bother us or anyone else this morning.

Anderson, Graham and Campbell all went downstairs to breakfast first. Then Robby and Reagan went to load up the car while Keaton, Whitman and I went to breakfast. Robby and Reagan met us at breakfast. Breakfast was a bit light-no gravy for Robby, but I did have a delicious cinnamon raisin bagel. Soon we were all loaded up in the car and headed to our next stop. 

It was a bit chilly outside. The sun was shining nicely though and it soon warmed up. We had about a 10 minute drive to make it to the National RV Museum in Elkhart, Indiana. There was a short video, and then we walked through RV after RV. They had some from the 20s on. It was definitely something to see. Keaton would count how many people could sleep in each RV, and Graham and Reagan would try to hide and scare each other in the RVs.

They also had a manufactured home in the parking lot that we went through. 80 percent of all RVs are built in this county. They also build lots of manufactured homes here. It was a neat spot and worth an ornament.

We then drove through Amish county. It was a beautiful drive to Shipshewana. When we were walking around the town, Reagan said that Nonna and Pops should come visit this town. She must have thought that it was quant as well.

We went straight to the Blue Gate Bakery. They even had samples. We left with a dozen pasties along with some granola, 2 no bake cookies and a loaf of cinnamon bread. The granola is for tomorrow's breakfast and the cinnamon bread was for our midnight snack. I would have bought the huge whoopie pie, but thought that we alread had enough!

We outside on the porch, before doing our little walk around the town. Then it was back to the car for a good little drive to our next stop. We drove to Bryan, Ohio while the kis were watching some farm movie/documentary.

The Spangler Candy Company makes the Dum Dum suckers that we so freely pass out during and after Sunday School. The factory, in Bryan, will make almost 2 billion this year (we seem to pass out at least half of that number!) It was a trolley tour around the facotry. They were actaully working and was a much better tour than Pez or Jelly Belly. The tour guide was really entertaining. 

When we left, we all had a few Dum Dum samples. Reagan handed me a sugar cookie sucker that I am saving for the next time that I have to drive. The use to have a pizza and a bacon sucker, but do not make those any longer. Robby even let the kids each pick out a bag of suckers and I found another ornament ...a huge Dum Dum sucker! It will definitely show up well on my Christmas tree. It will show up well because it is about 18 inches tall.

The weather in Ohio today is absolutely perfect. I needed my jacket this morning, but this afternoon was a bit warm in the sun. The clouds are gorgeous and scenery is field after field each with a white barn and house. 

It was around 3:30 when we stopped at a park In Bryan for our lunch. The playground was pretty cool-I even took a picture or two of it so I could remember it well for my Raymar playground suggestions. 

The kids played pretty hard for at least 30 minutes while Robby did his computing. We also made sandwiches for some and crackers and cheese for others. I also took some notes about what my people would want to pack for their Disney lunches. 

Then it was back on the road headed towards Toledo. We checked into the hotel around 5 tonight which is way too early to check into a hotel. The only thing that can happen with us checking in at a hotel that early is getting into trouble. 

After Robby did some work, we loaded up and headed to Downtown Toledo. I had seen that there was a section of the city that was filled with Victorian homes-Old West End. We drove through that area, and it was definitely lots of old Victorian homes. They were more on the old side than we had expected!

The next stop was the Toledo Museum of Art. We didn’t go to the main museum, but went to the The Glass Pavilion. It houses all of their glass art works. The museum was open late tonight apparently just for us. It was a bit on the odd side walking through a museum filled with only security guards watching the only guests-us! Anderson said that it was like The Night at The Museum. 

We didn’t stay too long but did enjoy looking at a Chihuly piece of art. I mean it was pretty and all, but not really a “chandelier” as they billed it. We then headed back to the car for the short drive back to the hotel.

We did drive around a Wonder Outlet to sadly discover that it was closed. Robby knew that they went out of business, but we were just hoping that maybe we could start their in the morning to help fill up our snack bin. I am sure that we can survive though without a Hostess filled snack bin. 

Back at the hotel, we did start on load a laundry as well as pajamas. While laundry was washing, we heated up our supper. Grilled chicken roll ups (refried beans, cheese, chicken and cheese), with tortilla chips, salsa and sour cream. They were quite delicious-delicious enough that we finished off two bags of chicken, two packages of tortillas, and two bags of cheese.

The laundry was perfectly easy tonight. And my crew was pretty calm-it is 9:15 here which is just 8:15 at home...but we are still about to call it a night! Shh, don't tell anyone.

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