September 23, 2019

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  • Monday morning and I started it off a bit differently-with a walk on the treadmill. Yes, I want to lose a few pounds, but even more than that I want to watch all of my Hallmark movies that I have been taping. 
  • I was finished in time to empty the dishwasher before waking up the crew and starting our Monday school routine with them. I had specified exactly what I wanted Anderson to do today hoping that it would speed him up-it did not! Ha! 
  • It was a filled morning since Sara stopped by to pick up some books plus Pops dropped by to drop off some cake. Even with all of guests, school was still finshed on time by most everyone. 
  • I had even finished my work in time to try my no bake cookies once more. Robby found a new recipe so we whipped that up before lunch time. They worked this time and were delicious. Now, I know making those cookies sure don't help with the treadmilling I did earlier.
  • Not only did I make cookies today but so did Reagan. She made some mroe of her Rolo pretzel creations that she made the other day. We did buy different pretzels since the once we had the other day were pricey. Reagan wasn't pleased with our alternative pretzels.
  • We were able to work together this afternoon which I was pleased with. However, our afternoon work together time has been shorter than I would like. I just don't think that we will finish our Latin as soon as I would like to.
  • We did do our daily jumping today. The kids enjoyed it. Graham was not going to go since he still isn't 100 percent but did decide at the last minute to head out with us.
  • After jumping, I took Campbell, Keaton and Whitman to Target. They all had some birthday money to spend-Keaton had 8 dollars and Whitman had 20. Now, you would have thought that this would have been easy, but it was not! Not at all! 
  • It was entertaining though. We looked at everything in the store. Neigher really play with toys though we looked at all of them. Our first stop however was the clothes. This is where Whitman saw some Minecraft pjs that he eventually bought. He really wanted them, but also wanted to buy something else. At the end of our shopping trip, I did explain that he could have them and some candy, he was sold. (I would have paid any amount of money for this shopping trip to be over.)
  • Now, Keaton looked and looked trying to spend her money. She eventually opted for candy. Though I sure didn't want her to get candy, there was nothing else in the store that she seemed to want. And when she mentioned chap stick too, I decided that again I would happily pay the extra to get us out of there. 
  • When we were checking out, Whitman commented on how long we had been in the store, and then he added that he thought it would have been nighttime by then.
  • Back at home, we heated up lots of leftovers for supper. We have enough leftovers to eat them for supper tomorrow night too. And as soon as the kitchen was clean, Robby and I left the building. We headed to watch the Downton Abby movie. It was really pretty good, but we might just need to rewatch the series.
  • Once at home, it was time to pick up and send everyone to bed. It is now almost 11 and at least some of the kids are still going strong upstairs. Gracious, we need to work on an earlier bedtime around here.

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