September 28, 2019-Happy BIrthday (Party) Keaton!

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  • A lazy Saturday morning around here. After Robby and I had a good bit of laziness, we loaded up and headed out. We dropped off some clothes, picked up some boxes, got some free chicken minis, went to Hobby Lobby, then to the car wash, next a free shake and then Kroger.
  • We marked quite a few things off of my list, and when we made it home, I went to town on what was left on my list. I will say that party days are tough!
  • Keaton was waiting at the door when we came home and patiently waited until I was able to start helping her get things ready. Campbell and she counted Skittles so the girls could guess how many were in the jar. Then Keaton made brownies and cookies since that is what she wanted instead of a cake.
  • I did sit down during the last little bit of the football game and apprently I am bad luck for the Hogs. Robby then left for Third Realm with the kids while I stayed at home and worked. I got a few things ready for Disney and pulled out school for next week. 
  • I was still working when they came home. I then started working on supper for everyone-another easy meal for Keaton-spaghetti. And I just realized that I forgot to make green beans as Keaton had requested. I guess she didn't think about it either.
  • Soon girls started arriving-6 of them plus my Keaton and Campbell. We all ate, and then Robby, Whitman and Reagan went to a movie. The big boys didn't want to go. While they were gone, the girls played a few games. 
  • Then Layne arrived-she was tonight's gymnastics coach! It was so great. She had the girls doing all sorts of flips and tumbles. It was perfect and kept their attention for a long while!
  • Soon Robby was back after the movie, and we had dessert. Then it was present time. Keaton opened lots of American Girl doll clothes. She was thrilled with this. She also received lots of candy which the dentist will love!
  • It is currently 10 minutes until 11, and the movie still has about 50 minutes left on it! We possibly should have started it quite a bit earlier.  My plan is that as soon as the movie is over, the people will fall asleep! Cross your fingers for me! 
  • Update: It is not 10 minutes until 12, and the movie has finished. We have brushed and prayed. Keaton has also lost a tooth. I know that I am a bit on the tired side because I just told someone that I can take them home if they don't stop talking.

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